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Photographic Visions – Summer 2024
A curated international photography exhibition
July 27 – August 20 (1st session) and August 24 – September 17 (2nd session)
Berkeley #219
Hospital #1725
Seven-Fifty #53
Innocence 25
Synergy 30
Power of the Great 34
Green 1
Green 3
Green 5
A sparkle in the stone
Android dream
Mirrored Metropolis: The Art of Urban Reflections 6
Mirrored Metropolis: The Art of Urban Reflections 7
Mirrored Metropolis: The Art of Urban Reflections 13
The fire the flame 9
The fire the flame 13
The fire the flame 18
Leib - The Lived Body 1
Leib - The Lived Body 2
Leib - The Lived Body 3
Common Lacewing, Chrysopa perla
Banded Demoiselle, Calopteryx splendens: Wing Detail
Banded Demoiselle, Calopteryx splendens, Wing Detail
Untitled #1
Untitled #6
Untitled #19
Sensless Diptychs 5
Sensless Diptychs 7
Sensless Diptychs 9
Eliot #11
Farrago #25
Farrago #26
Early Birds
Silent Streets
Flower Head
fine shade
mala 2
mala 3

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"Photographic Visions" is a biannual exhibition at PH21 Gallery showcasing mini-series of works from selected artists who submitted their portfolios for our solo exhibition competition. Our goal is to celebrate the work of photographers with progressive and visionary portfolios, pushing the boundaries of photography in the 21st century.

"Photographic Visions – Summer 2024" features three images presented in mini-series from photographers, divided into two sections.

To learn more about the photographers, click on their names to visit their respective websites.

Exhibiting artists:

July 27 – August 20 (1st session)


Byron J. Abels-Smit

I present select images from architectural collection: Modern & Brutal. These prints explore the essence of architectural design, highlighting their stark contrasts and underlying similarities. The brutalist architectural selections embody a raw, unadorned honesty, often imposing in their presence. They convey the nuances of architectural beauty, from the bold clarity of modernism to the stark reality of brutalism.

Jenny Chernansky

Drawing from historical, symbolic, religious and mythological imagery, Jenny Chernansky uses new media paired with classical techniques to explore issues surrounding perceptions of female roles and femininity. Concepts of the shadow self, feminine archetypes, and the virgin/whore dichotomy are often addressed. 

Karen Divine 

The insights behind each of the 64 images in my book, “A Small Amount of Courage” are stories of multiple and personal dimensions, reflecting my emotional life, my inner turmoil, my passions and my sense of freedom in the world. I allow the imagery to appear and then use the iChing to help me interpret it’s message.  Imagery is the language of the soul, and when it’s allowed to flow from one’s intuition, it can reveal profound insights.  It taps into a deep spiritual truth.

Richard Eveleigh

All of my art is centered around the theme 'duality'. These particular images are taken from the series 'Green' and they explore the changeable nature of the English countryside. They capture the contrast between the cool, dark shade of the woodland with the piercing heat and light of the summer sun.

Georgiana Feidi

​The works are from "ÆON" a series that delves into the concept of meditation, drawing on Zen principles of observation and creation. The characters invite viewers to contemplate the relationship between self and surroundings. Surreal elements provoke introspection, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. The series aims to evoke internal balance and transformation, encouraging viewers to contemplate deeper meanings and explore diverse layers of existence.

Sari Fried-Fiori

Entering the present moment through my photography unveils a world overflowing with revelations. Grand details whisper intimate secrets, and subtle nuances carry profound significance. Amidst life's chaotic dance, I uncover a deeper meaning, weaving narratives that transcend the visible. Each moment, ordinary or extraordinary, holds a story waiting to be captured. My aesthetic reflects a direct connection to the world around me, embracing diverse perspectives, compositions, and themes to capture the essence of every subject with the authenticity of available light.  These three images were taken of buildings next to each other at midday, all creating interesting and captivating reflections that dance across their glass window facades.

Ruth Güse

With the pinhole photograph you see everything mirror-inverted. Even what is behind you is visible, so that it seems as if the image sees more than it actually can. Contradictions also become visible.

Mirika Ishida

My work explores the interactions between space, photography, and the body. While dance involves the element of time, photography does not, yet it can depict movement through multiple exposures. This allows me to express the space between physical sensation and conceptual image, examining the relationship between the organic body and inorganic materials.


August 24 – September 17 (2nd session)

Ge and Jo Sessions

Please return in a few days to read the short artist statement.

René Huemer / Chérie Hansson

Please return in a few days to read the short artist statement.

Mary C Legg

Macro photography focuses on small or unseen things within the world or personal environment. Often we miss seeing what is directly in front of us as a result of concentrating on the Big Things of Life. The images were selected from various past field trips in search of suitable opaque winged insects, but the raw processing and color inversion in 2024. Focus was on the complex but often intricate and fragile aspect of insects and their wings. Inversion accents not only the instability and illusions of color but the basic architecture and forces new perspective on things we often overlook or ignore.

Simon Mapp 

“Dance Bizarro” explores the surreal intersection of dance and artificial intelligence, creating distorted yet harmonious forms that challenge our perceptions of movement and body. Through AI imagery, the series presents a reimagined vision of dance, blurring the lines between the familiar and the fantastical.

Dan McCormack

I have been photographing the nude as my major project for over fifty years. [...] Beginning to shoot with the cell phone camera was very quick. My shooting a model was spontaneous. [...] I had always liked multiple images and the 3x3 Grids revealed the time within the shoot. In these three images the model is holding an object and it is casting shadows on her torso. There is a yin/yang relationship between these man made objects and her torso.

Ileana Montaño

The Senseless Diptychs Series is a visual poetry proposal exploring the relationship between seemingly disconnected elements and the female body. Through diptychs, it creates parallelisms between physical and intangible aspects, using symbolism, metaphors, and suggestive ideas. This approach invites viewers to find connections and contemplate themes of identity, gender, sexuality, and bodily representation in art and society. These visual dialogues aim to provoke thought and emotion, encouraging deeper understanding of form, meaning, and perception in our world.

Robert Morrissey

‘Bedding Down’ is comprised of 2 sections, ‘Hospital Bedding’ and ‘Domestic Bedding’.

The series focuses on the experience of a caregiver’s role in attending to an ill family member. I have enlisted the ‘bedding’ of a hospital setting as well as that of a domestic setting. The ‘bedding’ serves as a metaphor for the caregiver’s experience of depletion, fatigue, rest, and renewal. Formal considerations for the series draw from Leonardo’s drapery studies as well as Bach’s Cello Sonatas.

C E Morse

My Farrago series is comprised of images made by layering abstract details of found objects; the surfaces of the original subjects are, themselves layered, exposing through deterioration, the layers of paint, rust and patina that over years have revealed their history. I take the layering a step further combining rusty car fenders with boat hulls; dumpsters with broken glass, etc. to create abstract images from an improbable fusion of actual objects.

John Potter

[…] These three exhibit images display those qualities and also share a representation in Monochrome. Compositions in monochrome suit portraits very well, and can exude emotion  without the distraction of color gradients.  The river landscape with sunlight breaking the fog, and the silence of the street image do well in monochrome also. Depth of field and lines of perspective tempts the viewer into the composition to witness what is beyond the boundaries.

Paula Siwek

The series was made using an underwater film camera and (often) outdated film. They are about figure, movement, color, and light. I welcomed unexpected color shifts, light refraction, and framed surprises - elements that added a sense of intrigue and surprise to the series. The figures move, rest, float, flip, and drift. They are submerged and in flux. Morning clarity shifts to a darker afternoon in this pool. The figures change from sensual to embryonic, dreamlike to sharp and clear. They are experiments, and the process involved steps that emanate from the origins of my career - guessing exposure, processing film, and studying negatives.

Andrew Wixson

Visual poetry is the theme in my black and white images. Romanticism, nostalgia or a loss for reality are prominent in the world, and dreams are an interpretation of our consciousness in which we should explore. These are the symbolic concepts for the viewer to experience.

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