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Black and white 2016

A juried international photography exhibition

May 5–31, 2016

DNA of H2O
Late Train
Dark composition No. 1
Mosi-oa-Tunia (aka Victoria Falls)
Blacks No. 1
Darlaston Road
Inner spaces
Garden Plant No. 3
Past Endeavors
Winter Basketball
Ink No. 3
Buddhist Temple Accounting, Hoi An
Void of Hope
After Rain
System Crash
Of Light
Through the Light
The Descent
Daymare No. 2
de lay e  d No. 3
Streak Of Light
First Snow
Drop Shadow No. 1
Pírate No. 4
City of the Next Generation
Night Harbor No. 1



At the dawn of photography black and white was the only available way of capturing photographic images. The technological constraint had a profound impact on the early development of the medium as photographers had to adapt to the specific means of black and white photographic depiction. Today, however, black and white is a creative choice, and understanding that choice is an important aspect of interpreting and appreciating these works. The emergence and development of colour photography has not made black and white obsolete, and it is exciting to see how contemporary photographers keep turning to the shades of grey, and how they find renewing and reinterpreting the rich tradition of black and white photography appealing for their twenty-first century creative pursuits.



Juror's choice

Sanja Buterin: Frame


Honourable mentions

Judi AltmanDNA of H2O

Ramir Oliveira: Late Train

Artur Sikora: Birds



Exhibiting photographers


Madiha Abdo (London, UK), Judi Altman (Ocean Springs, MS, USA), Nándor Balvin (Budapest, Hungary), Helene Barrette (Gatineau, Canada), Sindbad Bonfanti (Paris, France), Robert Brook (Shrewsbury, UK), Sanja Buterin (Skopje, Macedonia / Lovran, Croatia), Benjamin Cann (Karlsruhe, Germany), António Castilho (Lisboa, Portugal), Jennifer Dipper (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Erik Eskedal (Wakefield, MA, USA), Barbara Galvács (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Dan Gemkow (Chicago, IL, USA), Konstantin Grebnev (Moscow, Russia), Kip Harris (Indian Harbour, Canada), Atila Isik (Ankara,Turkey), Blair Kitchener (Auckland, New Zealand), Kiyoshi Nasu (Kawasaki, Japan), Jan Kluveld (Maastricht, Netherlands), Anda Marcu (London, Canada), Maja Momirov (Novi Sad, Serbia), Michael Nemlich (Har-Adar, Israel), Ramir Oliveira (London, UK), Anna Pepe (Leeds, UK), Jana Plavec (Prague, Czech Republic), David Querol (Barcelona, Spain), Alexandre Rotenberg (Milan, Italy), Russ Rowland (New York, NY, USA), Szilárd Schlauszky (Székesfehérvár, Hungary), Artur Sikora (Dublin, Ireland), Sybren Vanoverberghe (Wielsbeke, Belgium), Kuki Walsch (Vienna, Austria), Georg Worecki (Erpeldange, Luxembourg)



Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.


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