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Gergely Szatmári

No Man's Land (from the Meadowlands series)
Newark Cityscape
Garden State Parkway
Bloomfield Hospital at Night
New Jersey Turnpike
Vending Machine

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Gergely Szatmári 


Gergely Szatmári  is an acclaimed photographer and educator. He is the author of Conventional: Fencing, Life and Abstract Movement (Art and Design Press, Budapest, 2008), Meadowlands (Boook Publishing, Budapest, 2011), and American Idler (Gergely Szatmári, Budapest, 2012). He is an assistant professor in the Department of Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

More information:

​About Meadowlands



"New Jersey is as American as it comes! Actually the state is a very diverse one, a significant producer of agriculture with rolling farmland reminiscent of the Great Plains with some of the highest elevations on the Eastern seaboard, beautiful natural rivers, and elaborate country estates. It is also host to some of America’s most wealthy suburbs and worst urban slums intertwined with every franchised entity that capitalism could conjure. Popular culture celebrates the place: you know where Snookie and Bruce Springsteen live, where Frank Sinatra came from, and let us not forget that it was home to the poets Allan Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams, and Walt Whitman, and the geniuses, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. The photographs in this book, of this in-between place through which Tony Soprano drove in the beginning of every episode of the TV show The Sopranos, connect the viewer in one way or another to all that is New Jersey and all that is America, past and present."​ (From Intro to Meadowlands by Charles H. Traub.)


The exhibition opened on February 7, 2013.

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