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Portraits Without Faces             

A curated international photography exhibition

July 4 – 27, 2019                                                                                 newsletter

Mae Turned
Unveiled No. 1
Behind the Curtain
I stroke my hair
Portrait Without Face No. 7
Maestro No. 4
Portrait of my dead father
Street home
Whoami No. 10
There I Am True
Nevezzük portrénak
Boy with two heads
By the gingko tree
Hanging out at Mirzoyan
Manhattan Mystery
Somebody No. 1
Something to hold on to No. 1
My Roses Are Dead
Stairwell with cat
Shkola No. 5
Önmarok (Handfulself)
Fragile Being No. 7
Untitled (Self Portrait)
In memoriam Makovecz Imre

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Portraiture emerged as one of the most prominent genres of depictive media early in the history of the visual arts; tacit or explicit rules, conventions and cultural expectations have always influenced the ways in which artists approached the genre. Photography is no exception. Numerous different and characteristic styles of portraiture emerged throughout the history of the medium. We usually assume that faces are necessary components of portraiture; we may, however, learn just as much about the character, the personality of a person by looking at images that depict other parts of their bodies, show us the objects or places associated with them. Not focusing on the face may open up a new dimension of interpretation. Our Portraits Without Faces exhibition is dedicated to this challenging divergence from the more conventional approaches to the genre.

Juror's choice

Aline SmithsonMae Turned, from the series 'Revisiting Beauty'

Honourable mentions

Karmen Corak: Unveiled No. 1.

Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw: Behind the Curtain

Leena HolmströmI stroke my hair

Exhibiting photographers

Karin Bauer (Bisamberg, Austria), Julien Bihan (Montréal, Canada), Karmen Corak (Venice, Italy), David Czernobilsky (Herzliya, Israel), Anton Daskalov (Sofia, Bulgaria), Valerie Decleer (Ostend, Belgium), Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw (Paris, France), Suzette Dushi (New York, NY, USA), Shāna Einhorn (New York, NY, USA), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Lara Gilks (Wellington, New Zealand), Nadide Goksun (Scarsdale, NY, USA), Eva Gstoettner (Vienna, Austria), Pelin Guven (Beijing, China), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Armineh Hovanesian (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Parvathi Kumar (Bridgewater, NJ, USA), Doris Kundratitz (Innsbruck, Austria), Heather Joy Layton (Huntington Beach, CA, USA), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Taylor Mathues (Clinton, NJ, USA), Alireza Movahedi (Tehran, Iran), Ninette Niemeyer (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany), Cecilia Ojeda (Mexico City, Mexico), Amy Oliver (Swindon, UK), Brent Reaney (Houston, TX, USA), Dina Sirat (Jerusalem, Israel), Aline Smithson (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Zsolt Székelyhidi (Budapest, Hungary), Alex Tran (Montreal, Canada), Balázs Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Mo Verlaan (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Alan Vincent (Boston, MA, USA), Tibor Zsitva (Budapest, Hungary)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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