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A juried international photography exhibition

September 29 – October 25, 2016

Exile No. 1
Pest Control No. 3
Past Present Future
Roots: My Mother and I
My grandma
White Paint
Soul Window
Allegra T.
Synthetic History No. 4
Bakken Dust
Untitled Interior (dictionary)
Dreams of Sorts III
Cat Tales
Return to me
The Call
Never Knew Your Name No. 1
The Choir
A Puppet's Nightmare
Aurora and her nails

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While photography is often associated with the capturing of a moment, frozen in time, it has always been a sensitive medium of storytelling as well. Looking at a photograph may allow for understanding much about the past that led up to the captured moment; it may also enable the viewer to imagine the possible futures evolving from the frozen record of the here and now. Photographers portraying people, objects, and places can tell us inspiring stories, provided that we take the time to study and interpret the photographs. A narrative told with a single image is a most exciting challenge for both photographer and viewer alike. Hopefully we appreciate these works with the care and curiosity they deserve.



Juror's choice

Ole Marius JoergensenHiding


Honourable mentions

Ralph Hassenpflug: Exile No. 1

Tania Franco Klein: Pest Control No. 3

Lukáš Milota: Untitled



Exhibiting photographers


Nicole Campanello (The Woodlands, TX, USA), Sabrina Casiroli (Milan, Italy), Michael Darough (Waco, TX, USA), Dimo Dimov (Sofia, Bulgaria), Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Zsuzsanna Fekete-Pethő (Budapest, Hungary), Leon Froundjian (Cairo, Egypt), Ralph Hassenpflug (Camden, ME, USA), Ole Marius Joergensen (Asker, Norway), Gregory Jundanian (Boston, MA, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Josiane Keller (Cleveland, OH, USA), Meghan Kirkwood (Fargo, ND, USA), Tania Franco Klein (Mexico City, Mexico), Amber Law (Walker, LA, USA), Sarah Malakoff (Boston, MA, USA), Anda Marcu (London, ON, Canada), Vicky Martin (Staffordshire, UK), Lukáš Milota (Prague, Czech Republic), Dániel Nagy (Stockholm, Sweden), Michael Nemlich (Har-Adar, Israel), Gary Ng (Hong Kong, China), Nancy Oliveri (New York, NY, USA), Maria Przybylska (Belfast, UK), Paula Rae Gibson (London, UK), Russ Rowland (New York, NY, USA), Youssef Sida (Oxford, UK), Margarita Vazquez (Monovar, Spain), Frank Verreyken (Antwerpen, Belgium), Gabriella Vincze-Bába (Budapest, Hungary), Judith Wimmer (Vorderweissenbach, Austria), Fangzhou Yang (Shanghai, China), Anna Katharina Zeitler (Berlin, Germany)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.


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