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Feminine / Masculine

A curated international photography exhibition

February 9 – March 4, 2023                                                                  newsletter

Bearing structure
Modern Woman
The Doll No. 4
fun, fun, fun
Dad in His Basement
Carbon, Concrete #4
Carbon, Concrete #5
B or B? 03
B or B? 04
New Year’s Baby
Mardi Gras
Erika György 25.
We are real - 2
Talking With Mirror No. 2
Eating Cherries
The Farmer
Just me
White mischief No. 1
Modern Mona
Totem No. 1
Totem No. 4
Utopia of Reality No. 1
Utopia of Reality No. 2
Fedora & Belinda
Overstreched No. 2
Some days Leonard likes to be Caroline
Street Shot ll
Posing No.1
Posing No.2
Angelus NOVUS 2
Femininity II
Femininity III

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Portrayals of femininity and masculinity are, without doubt, central to a number of art forms, photography not being an exception. The past few decades have given rise to – often heated – discussions and criticisms of past, recent, and current photographic practices for their lack of reflection on the assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices surrounding photographic approaches to femininity and masculinity. Fine art and commercial works alike have been critiqued for the potential consequences of their approach and presentation. Historically femininity and masculinity have been conceived, among others, as oppositions, as complements of each other, or as positions on a continuum. There are hardly any ways of portraying femininity and masculinity that would or could not be considered trivial, conservative, pretentious, demeaning, distasteful, clichéd or even offensive by some. It often seems that everything has been both said and photographed about this subject, and yet, it is not possible to ignore the persistence of the theme in our contemporary visual culture. What is it that we can still value and possibly revive from the rich history of photography; are there any novel ways left to approach this subject with a fresh critical eye?


Curator's choice

Paola Francesca Barone: Bearing structure

Honourable mentions

Sari Fried-Fiori: Modern Woman

Roman Martynenko: The Doll No. 4

Panto Trivkovic: fun, fun, fun

Exhibiting photographers

Val Asuga (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), Paola Francesca Barone (Napoli, Italy), Lynne Breitfeller (Emerson, NJ, USA), Brendan Brooks (Detroit, MI, USA), Eva Brunner (Berlin, Germany), Paul Delpani (Vienna, Austria), Christie Fluder (New York, NY, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), László Gálos (Capelle aan den Ijssel, Netherlands), Anna Hartman-Ksycinska (Rzeszów, Poland), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Margrieta Jeltema (Bolsena, Italy), Lodiza LePore (Bennington, VT, USA), Richard Luxton (Bristol, UK), Roman Martynenko (Dunlap, CA, USA), Belinda Muller (Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada), Fern L. Nesson (Cambridge, MA, USA), John Potter (Sherrill, IA, USA), Gergő Simák (Pomáz, Hungary), Dina Sirat (Netanya, Israel), Yukang Tao (Syracuse, NY, USA), Panto Trivkovic (Vienna, Austria), Tamás Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Lars Vilhelmsen (Vodskov, Denmark), Raf Willems (Henderson, NV, USA), Georg Worecki (Daleiden, Germany), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany), Root Yarden (Upper Galilee, Israel), Viktória Zai (Budapest, Hungary)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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