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Nikita Apanasenko, Anna Kondyukova, Oksana Lazareva, Tatiana Litova, Yulia Utysheva
Myths of the North
Great Mind
Old Woman Loukhi
Kalevala Motives
Belle Pohjola
Epic No. 1
Epic No. 4
Epic No. 5
Birth No. 1
Birth No. 2
Virgo Vellamo
New Rune Singers No. 1
New Rune Singers No. 2


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Artist statement

Myths of the North


A group of Russian photographers created a photo project in 2019 based on the Karelian-Finnish poetic epic Kalevala. In 2019, there are 170 years of complete edition of the epos that Elias Lönnrot (Finland) collected and processed. The myths of the ancient runes are relevant today; it excites the imagination of modern artists with its beauty, lyricism and genuine tragedy. This year has been declared the Year of the Kalevala in the Republic of Karelia (Russia). The authors of the photo project live in Karelia - in the legendary land of rivers and lakes.

The Kalevala runes were created precisely in this land, where heroes and creatures of the magic world of the epos lived. Photo artists interpreted the images and scenes of the epic in different ways. They used experimental photographic techniques and various artistic stylistics: the symbolic images by Yulia Utysheva and Oksana Lazareva, the abstract series by Anna Kondyukova, the surrealistic photo poetry by Tatiana Litova, psychedelic photo collages handmade by Nikita Apanasenko.


The authors' series are based on the following epic motifs:

1) Ilmatar is the daughter of air. For many years she swims in the waves in anticipation of the birth of her son, the first man and wizard Väinnemöinen. She creates the world from the eggs of the bird that made the nest on her knee.

2) Ahto is the king of water elements, Vellamo is his wife. Virgin Vellamo is their daughters. Earthly beauty Aino did not want to become the wife of Vänemömönen. She drowned in the sea and also became the maiden of Vellamo. She appeared sometimes in the form of a fish.

3) Loukhi is a powerful sorceress, an old woman, the mistress of the northern land of Pohjola, a country that is hostile to the Kalevala. Louhi stole the sun and the moon.

4) The Virgin of the North is an extraordinary beauty of Pohjola, the daughter of the sorceress Louhi, the desired bride for the most famous heroes of Kalevala.

5) Kantele (Karelian-Finnish plucked stringed instrument) is a magic musical instrument of the rune singer Väinämöinen, which he created for the first time from the head of a pike fish.

6) The Sampo Mill is a magical source of abundance and happiness, a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Sampo broke down and sank into the sea, the debris of Sampo turned into all the blessings of the world.

7) Kullervo is a hero avenger. He had extraordinary destructive power. He killed all his enemies, but he did not survive the grief of losing his family and killed himself with his sword.

8) Lemminkаinen. Self-confident and carefree fun. For the murder of a swan was punished by death. The mother from the river took her son's body, chopped to pieces, and revived him with the help of magic.

9) Marjatta lovely girl miraculously gave birth to a boy berries cranberries - the future ruler of Karelia.

10) New rune-singers (narrators). Portraits of modern Karelian musicians Alexander Leonov and Olga Gaydamak with authentic musical instruments - kantele and youkhikko, which they made themselves.


The authors of the photo projects are teachers and graduates of the Academy of Photography of the City of Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation)






Nikita Apanasenko

Born in 1993, Petrozavodsk.

Graduated from the Pedagogical College of the city of Veliky Ustyug, Petrozavodsk Academy of Photography.

Profession: photographer, teacher.

Interests: interesting Japanese photography, the search for new creative techniques in the shooting.

2012-2019 repeated participant of collective exhibitions in Petrozavodsk.


Anna Kondyukova

Born in 1979, Petrozavodsk.

Graduated from art school in Petrozavodsk, International Slavic Institute - faculty of design, Petrozavodsk Academy of Photography, Yury Pritysk online course at the New York Institute of Photography.

Decorator, photographer. Currently, I am researching analog photo printing processes from the beginning of the 19th century.

Interests: Inspired by the works of artists and photographers of the Impressionists, abstract art. The topics of interest are nature and ecology, history, religion and mythology of different countries.

2018-2019 repeated participant of collective exhibitions in Petrozavodsk, as well as a participant of the Narva Autumn photo festival Narva (Estonia).


Oksana Lazareva

Born in 1973, Apatity, Murmansk region. Lives in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia) since 1992. By profession an accountant. For the last ten years I have been working as a manager in the production of cabinet furniture. I take a great interest in a photo more than ten years. From 2008 to 2010, she attended the correspondence course “The Art of Photography” at the European School of Correspondent Education (ESCO, Belgorod). She graduated from the Academy of Photography in Petrozavodsk.

Favorite genres - still life, psychological and artistic portrait. Since 2016 I am one of the photographers in the Art-project of Galina Pelevina; as a result, seven joint exhibitions in Petrozavodsk. I am fond of shooting glass objects. I am inspired by world painting, architecture and design, classical music. I teach in the photo school the basics of digital image processing in graphic editors.

Participant of the photo festival "Narva Autumn" in Narva (Estonia) in 2018.

Participant of the international photo forum of the twin cities of Alytus (Lithuania) in 2017. Following the results of the photo forum, collective exhibitions were held in the cities of Alytus (Lithuania), Kremenchuk (Ukraine), Opole (Poland), Petrozavodsk (Russia).

Repeated participant of collective exhibitions in Petrozavodsk since 2013.


Tatiana Litova

Born in 1975, in Novorossiysk (Krasnodar region, Russian Federation). Lives in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation). Philologist, teacher of visual arts, editor, museum specialist. 

Education: 1994 - the Pedagogical College of the city of Novorossiysk, Department of Fine Arts (Russian Federation, Krasnodar region); 2000 - the Petrozavodsk State University, Faculty of Philology, end 2003 -  Postgraduate study of Petrozavodsk State University (Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia); 2017 - the Academy of Photography in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia, Russia); online courses on creative photography at the New York Institute of Photography (in 2018 - from Yury Pritysk, in 2019 - from Nikita Pirogov).

Competitions and Awards: 2019 - The winner in the nomination "The photo project" at the Arts festival for young artists and photographers Karelia "138 squares" (Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation); Nominee at the 12th Annual International Color Awards (Nominee in Still Life, Amateur); 2018 - The winner in the International Photography Awards (RUSSIAN IPA): 1st Place - in the category Nature / Flowers, 1st Place and 2nd Place in the category Fine Art / Still Life.

Interests: picturesque images in a surrealistic style, using unusual photography techniques; the themes of mythological archetypes, identity and memory, the subconscious, landscape changes and ecology.

In 2018-2019, participated in exhibitions and festivals - in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Pushchino) and in other countries (Narva, Estonia; Kiev, Ukraine; Rabbath, Morocco; Budapest, Hungary).

Yuliya Utysheva

Born in 1967 in Petrozavodsk, Karelia.  Higher education. Graduated from  the State University of St.-Petersburg, journalism faculty in 1991.  In 2003 ended the private school of a photo in Moscow. Participated in collective exhibitions, had three personal exhibitions of a photo. 

She is the participant of video laboratory of media center «Vykhod» since 2007, Petrozavodsk. The participant of a graphic workshop of media center «Vykhod» since 2014.

She is the winner of an award of the Union of journalists of Karelia in the nomination "Destiny of the Person" (2004) and "Interview of year" (2008).

Festivals of a short film:  OUTVIDEO-2007 - The International festival of video-art on outdoor advertising screens in 15 cities of Russia; Festival of super-short films "ESF-2007", Moscow; Festival of mobile films "Dogma", Denmark, 2009; Festival SHORTSNONSTOP, Canada, 2009. 

Workshops in 2008, 2009, 2019 - School of the documentary movie "Dragon Forum", Warsaw, Poland.

Personal exhibitions

"From the belltower", Petrozavodsk, 2005.

"Through sand", an exhibition of the photo and poetry together with the poet Marina Kiviryan, Petrozavodsk, 2005;

"PRODVIZhENIE", an exhibition of the photo and objects together with the fashion artist Vera Nikiforova, 2008.

"All life is theater" a photo exhibition about theater, Petrozavodsk, 2013.

Since 2002, he has been a regular participant in collective exhibitions in Russia, Finland, Estonia and others.

Now Julia is director of photoschool "Academy of  Photo", photographer, teacher of photo.

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Relatives No. 1
Relatives No. 2
Relatives No. 5
Relatives No. 6
Relatives No. 7
Relatives No. 9
Relatives No. 10
Ambient No. 1
Ambient No. 3
Ambient No. 6
Ambient No. 7
Ambient No. 8
Ambient No. 9
Ambient No. 12
Pillars of the Earth No. 1
Pillars of the Earth No. 4


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Artist statement



Glorifying the everyday, celebrating the unknown. Finding  structure, destroying borders. Turning the TV on and off to feel the electricity of the screen. Traveling  light. Pointing, shooting, editing. Sober at night and drunk all day.


Zsolt Ficsór



2012-2016 Photography BA, Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design (MOME), Budapest  /

2010-2012 Applied  photography, NOVUS Art School, Budapest

Selected exhibitions

2017 London  Photobook Fair (UK) / 2017 Sofia art book fair (BG)/ 2017 Missread festival,  Berlin (D) / 2017 Vienna Photobook Festival (AT) / 2017 PHOTO/BOOK 3.0. Petőfi Irodalmi  Múzeum, Budapest  / 2017 Szeretlek, Hybridart Space, Budapest  / 2017 Fotóutca  fesztivál,  Budapest  /

2016 Vienna Photobook Festival (AT) / 2016 Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem, Fotográfia

Diploma ‘16. FUGA, Budapest  / 2016 C/O Berlin gallery - EMOP Opening days (D) / 2016

Mamavore: photobook és photozine exhibition, Omnivore  Gallery, Budapest  / 2015 Symbiose, Text:bild / bild:text II, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna (AT) / 2015 Home is Nowhere. Balassi Institute, London  (UK) / 2015 C/O Berlin gallery - Close Up! exhibition, Berlin (D) / 2015 Vienna Photobook Festival (AT) / 2015 Fifth Annual Exposure  Award - Candid Collection, Louver, Párizs (FR)

Membership: Studio of Young Photographers (FFS)

Tibor Nagy


2013 - Photography, Metropolitan University / 2006 - 2008 Károlyi  Simonyi  Art School, Pécs

Selected exhibitions

2018 MIA International Photography and moving  image art fair - Milan (ITA) / 2017 Fény Kép Emlék  Mű, Fuga, Budapest  (HUN) / 2016   Art  Market, Fiatalok Fotóművészeti Stúdiója  stand, Millenáris, Budapest  Art  Market,  Fiatalok Fotóművészeti Stúdiója  stand,  Millenáris, Budapest (HUN) / 2016  To Be Continued - Association of Young Photographers, introductory exhibition, Müszi, Budapest  (HUN) / 2015  Photo Street, Metropolitan University of Budapest,  Capa Center (HUN) / 2011   Intrnational Visual  Art Symposium, Nádor Gallery,  Pécs (HUN) / 2011  Portfolio Points,    NemArt    Gallery,    Pécs   (HUN)   /   2010   EKF,   introductory   exhibition of young photographers (mobilart) (HUN)


Membership: Studio of Young Photographers (FFS)

Domonkos Tamás Németh


2017- University of Pécs (PTE), Liberal Arts BA (aesthetics), Pécs / 2014-2015 Eötvös Loránd

University (ELTE), Slavic Studies BA (russian,  aesthetics), Budapest

Selected exhibitions

2019 Plan D, ICA-D, Dunaújváros / 2018 We don't play guitars.  K.A.S. Galéria, Budapest  / 2018

FFS stand. Art Market Budapest  / 2017 Group Show 52: Alternative Facts. Humble Art Foundation (US) / 2011 Pszinapszis - Budapest  Psychology Days, Budapest  / 2008 National High School Photo Competition, Pécs


Studio of Young Photographers (FFS)

Berlin 1020 collective: Roland Groebe, Martin U Waltz, Oliver Krumes, Sven Kräuter

Berlin - a reverie
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Artist statement

Berlin - a reverie


When you think of Berlin, there are endless pictures that might come to your mind. While some of these may be a valuable representation of this city, chances are high that the pictures you see are part of the sheer endless stream of standardized ideas about Berlin that circulate the different available mediums online and offline. Members of the Berlin1020 express their reverie of the city they live in that goes beyond the standardized and at times cliche-like representation of on of Europe’s most thriving capitals. 


Martin U Waltz


Martin works in various street photography Berlin series describing the many sides of Berlin. He has won numerous prizes at  international photography competitions. His street photography work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin.


He is the editor of the German Street Photography Site and the initiator of the German Street Photography Festival. Martin has written and contributed to several books on street photography.

Oliver Krumes

Oliver expresses his view on the city with a poetical use of light and shadow and in elegant soothing colors.  Being quite the traveler recent photographic excursions have led him to China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Oliver has been voted as one of the 20 most influential street photographers by the Streethunters blog in 2017. He runs the “Street Photography Berlin” group on Facebook. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Berlin, Sankt Veit an der Glan and in Bucharest.


Roland Groebe


Roland  often summarises his street photography work under a common theme, e. g. tattoos, faces, or street. His street scenes are quite often timeless drawing inspiration from the Magnum classics of the 60ies. His work was published at The Eye Photo Magazine, Stern Magazine, art-Das Kunstmagazin, National Geographic and We Street 2015 – Street Photography Book. He has won the reader’s choice award of art-Das Kunstmagazin.


Sven Kräuter aka “a·re bu·re bo·ke”


Sven’s photography revolves around the urban human condition. How do we live in big cities? What do we have in common all over the world? How do certain quarters change over time? Sven provides observations in the form of moments & encounters.


His photographs have been exhibited internationally, including at London’s D&AD and SF’s Harvey Milk Photo Center. He runs a series of self-published zines in which compile his work.

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Harold De Buck and Dirk Sabbe
Dark Mirror
Life as it goes
The Cut
Cutoffs #3
Cutoffs #5
Cutoffs #7


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Artist statement

Dark Mirror


We focus on abstract fine art photography. Our approach is very different but the objectives are the same, asking the viewer to let go, not search for hierarchy and let the image speak for itself. Does it impact you or not? Images should speak, should enhance feelings and impressions. By means of our lightscaping and constructions we wish to obtain this. To make the invisible visible and so creating a different reality.



Harold De Buck


27/02/1969, Bruges, Belgium. lives in Ghent, Belgium.


Fine Art Photographer.

Member of Fine art photo-collective  “FaceOff”.



–  Present: Traject03 by mentormentor, Ghent.

–  Present: Second specialization year at Sint-Lucasacademy DKO, visual arts option fine art photography, Ghent.

–  June 2016: Graduated Sint-Lucasacademy DKO, visual arts option fine art photography, Ghent.


My photography is abstract but nonetheless I photograph reality. Despite the fact that the medium of photography lends itself to capture reality in a very realistic way I use it in a manner that is quite the opposite. Reality is being captured in such a way that the viewer looses every tangible recognition, every sense of reality. By doing this I am asking the spectator to let go and let it flow. Let the image do its job and have an impact on the viewer. To create their very own reality. The invisible is being made visible. It is my way of capturing reality because I believe that “what you see is not reality”.



–  February/March 2019: “Royale Belge”. Group exhibition with Fine Art Photo-Collective

“FaceOff”.  `Ghent, Belgium.

–  February 2019: “Vitrines d’Amour”. Group exhibition organized by “Linkeroever”. Ghent, Belgium.

–  September 2018: “Dark Mirror”. Group exhibition with Fine Art Photo-Collective “FaceOff”.

Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium.

–  June 2018: “Underground VI”. Group exhibition curated by Mathieu Snauwaert. Sint- Maartens-Latem, Belgium.

–  June 2018: “Hang-Art”. Group exhibition curated by myself with 2 colleagues. Ghent, Belgium.

–  February 2018: “Untitled”.  Group exhibition curated by Dr. J. Burm. Gallery Resonans, Ghent, Belgium.

–  September 2017: “Sehnsucht”.  Group exhibition curated by Kunzthuiz. Drongen, Belgium.

–  June 2017: “Underground V”. Group exhibition curated by M. Snauwaert. Drongen, Belgium.

–  Mai 2017: “Sehnsucht”.  Group exhibition curated by Kunzthuiz. Hasselt, Belgium.

–  August 2016: “Underground IV”. Group exhibition curated by M. Snauwaert. Drongen, Belgium.

–  June 2016: “Graduation”. Group exhibition curated by Sint-Lucasacademy DKO, visual arts option Fine Art Photography. Ghent, Belgium.



–  June 2016: “What you see is not reality."

Dirk Sabbe

Dirk Sabbe is a Belgian artist who works and lives in Ghent, Belgium. He uses abstract compositions in his photography combined with digital- and AI manipulation and 3D CGI created elements to create and explore images without hierarchy. At the other end of the photographic spectrum he also creates very temporary photographic installations with room-sized camera obscura.



28/12/1969, Torhout, Belgium. Lives in Ghent, Belgium.

Member of art collective “FaceOff” since 2013 (Founding member): Graduated 2013, Academy of Fine Arts, Gent, Fine art photography.


- I.K Series, solo exhibition, December 2009, Kaprijke, Belgium.

- FaceOff, group exhibition, June 2011, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium.

- All is in Vain, Vanitas, solo exhibition, January 2012, Ghent, Belgium

- Hubris & hamartia, group exhibition, June 2013, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium.

- Sammlung, group exhibition, september 2015, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium.

- Dark Mirror, group exhibition, september 2018, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium.



Bekannte Wege I. From there to here. May 2012, Photobook.

Bekannte Wege II. Sensory Vocabulary. July 2016, Photobook.


This exhibition was supported by the Local Government of Ferencváros District (Budapest Főváros IX. Kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata).

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