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Peripheral Visions

A juried international photography exhibition

March 22 – April 14, 2018

The Metropolitan Opera House No. 1
Winter Minimal No. 3
Barbara's Preparations
Völgyhíd, Kőröshegy
Shoulder Bird
Pier Perception No. 2
Industrial Sunrise No. 4
Neighbourhood No. 2
Vincellér utca, Budapest
Three Fences
The Code
The Red Curtain
Dancer test clip #3 (Starfish)
Skyscraper Glow
On The Verge
Flutter in the Wind
Overexposed Vol. 2 No. 5
Uncertain Certainties No. 4
Shade and Shadow –  Playing Boys
In The Shadows
Utopia No. 1
Untitled, Portland, OR
Maybe Home No. 4
No Man's Land No. 1100

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Our visual environment is full of familiar objects and scenes; it is exactly this familiarity that makes the world around us a place that we can navigate more or less safely.  However, the very same familiarity may dull our perception to the intriguing aspects or exciting details of what we pass by day after day. Photographers have a keen eye to capture the unnoticed, the marginal, and the peripheral – the almost invisible that escapes our attention in the ordinary course of our busy lives. The photographer can make the unnoticed visible by focusing on a unique form, an interesting composition in our built environment, or by capturing an otherwise easily overlooked, peripheral scene in our personal or social life. It is only then, when the photograph is presented to us, that we realise that we are looking at something that we would most likely have failed to notice, had it not been for the photographer’s eye for the marginal and the easy to miss.

Juror's choice

Joseph O’Neill: The Metropolitan Opera House No. 1

Honourable mentions

Zoltán BékefyWinter Minimal No. 3

Eva BrunnerBarbara's Preparations

Zoltán VadásziVölgyhíd, Kőröshegy


Exhibiting photographers

Zoltán Békefy (Komarno, Slovakia / Galway, Ireland), Bruce Berkow (New York, NY, USA), Eva Brunner (Berlin, Germany), Nancy Stalnaker Bundy (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Clody Cates (Oakland, CA, USA), Ionut Cirja  (London, UK), Frédéric Deschênes (Montréal, Québec, Canada), Jon Dunning (Cambridge, UK), Barbara Frye (Jona, Switzerland), Carole Glauber (Ra’anana, Israel), Paula Haapalahti (Vantaa, Finland), Robert S Johnson (New York, NY, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Josiane Keller (Asheville, NC, USA), William Lee (Miami, FL, USA), Lodiza LePore (Bennington, VT, USA), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Ninette Niemeyer (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany), Joseph O’Neill (New York, NY, USA), John Pingree (Waterdown, Ontario, Canada), Alejandra Quintero Sinisterra (Bogotá, Colombia), Carmen Ramon (Barcelona, Spain), Alphonso Sanchez (Long Beach, CA, USA), Szilárd Schlauszky (Székesfehérvár, Hungary), Wendi Schneider (Denver, CO, USA), Alfred Schupler (Bucharest, Romania), Charles Andrew Seaton (Gyeongju, South Korea), Peter C. Stitt (North Augusta, SC, USA), Irina Vaag (Brno, Czech Republic / Russia), Zoltán Vadászi (Budapest, Hungary), Norbert Varga (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Maarten Vromans (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Adrian Wojtas (Dublin, Ireland), FeiFan Zhang (Chicago, IL, USA)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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