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A curated international photography exhibition

March 9–30, 2024                                                                                newsletter

You can’t sit with us
Shepherd’s Beach
Dapio 4
Me and I
The Aftermath
6:09 am
Contemplatio 02
Capo di Muro 2
Corniglia, Italy
Ord Mountains, California
Artificial landscapes No. 3
The Minute Winter Arrived
Marsh At Midnight
At Night
Fly Away
Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
Gandhi’s room, New Delhi
Hackney Downs
Security Gate
Lost in Grønland Ø09
Lost in Grønland Ø06
Dachau Doors
Dachau Morning
Silent Entry
Silent Screen
Body Image Studies No. 32.
Virtual - Resting
Ellis Island Reimagined Then and Now, No. 8
Inside out 06
Inside out 07
Dapio 2
East River
Whispers of Stillness
The Quiet Hour
Summer Landscape
Mannequins Spa Day
Distant existence, almost silence
Found Not Lost
Morning Light
Three Windows
Silence No. 14
Silence No. 5
Winsome White Papers
Silent White 1
Telephone Pole
The Fog
Winter Sun
Brooklyn Snow from my Window
Someday Spring Will Come
Tranquility 1
Tranquility 2
Wish You Were Here
Flat Lined
Life Lines
Misty Morning
Funeral 2
Ophelia 3

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Silence is always juxtaposed against its opposites: sound, noise, and loudness. It is strongly associated with loneliness, alienation, the unknown and disturbing landscape on the one hand, and known tranquillity and peace on the other. Photographically, the contrast between deep darkness and dazzling light is also crucial. After natural or social catastrophes, everything falls silent: empty cities, villages, abandoned public transport and empty workplaces serve as reminders of the transience and fragility of humankind. Silence is accompanied by quiet activities such as contemplation and meditation, which negate the very nature of action itself. Additionally, silence is often present in still lifes, cityscapes, portraits, and many other photographic genres.

Curator's choice

Beki Cowey: You can’t sit with us

Honourable mentions

Stu Bloom: Shepherd’s Beach

Victor KataevDapio 4

Željko Mandić: Untitled, from the series 'Quiet Places' 

Exhibiting photographers

Petya Aleksieva (Shumen, Bulgaria), Katarina Bishop (Tucson, AZ, USA), Stu Bloom (Fairfield, CT, USA), Anton Bou (Montreal, Canada), Eva Brunner (Berlin, Germany), Buchen/Goodwin (Santa Fe, NM, USA), Matt Cauthron (Palm Springs, CA, USA), Jenny Chernansky (Chicago, IL, USA), Roxana Constantinescu (Bucharest, Romania), Beki Cowey (Guisborough, UK), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Maks Dannecker (Berlin, Germany), Ana Paula Di Berardo (São Paulo, Brazil), Mark Dierker (Dubuque, IA, USA), Anke Dörschlen (Remscheid, Germany), Rajan Dosaj (Van Nuys, CA, USA), Gábor Duró (Budapest, Hungary), Edit Ebers-Ujvári (Budapest, Hungary), Caroline Elliott (London, UK), Isacco Emiliani (Faenza, Italy), Jen Folsom (Fort Collins, CO, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Veronica Gray (Laguna Beach, CA, USA), Máté István Herpai (Budapest, Hungary), Victor Kataev (Kiel, Germany), Inbal Kristin (Ashkelon, Israel), Emilie Leger (Pincourt, Québec, Canada), Vita Foldi Levar (Palatine, IL, USA), Andrea London (New York, NY, USA), Željko Mandić (Novi Sad, Serbia), Dan McCormack (Accord, NY, USA), Piotr Meszynski (Buffalo, NY, USA), Janet Milhomme (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Bojana Bojovic Milosevic (Belgrade, Serbia), Robert Morrissey (Portland, OR, USA), Károly Zsolt Nagy (Sárospatak, Hungary), Dai Nakamura (Yokohama-city, Japan), Stefan Neagu (Onesti, Romania), Sarah Nesbitt (Detroit, MI, USA), Fern L. Nesson (Cambridge, MA, USA), Kelly O'Leary (Savannah, GA, USA), Valentina Paparozzi (Viterbo, Italy), Michael Piacenza (Elmhurst, IL, USA), Simona Poncia (Teverina, Italy), John Potter (Sherrill, IA, USA), Jeff Rothstein (New York, NY, USA), Russ Rowland (New York, NY, USA), Alfred Schupler (Bucuresti, Romania), Erik Suchy (St. Paul, MN, USA), Allan Syphers (Gwynedd Valley, PA, USA), Noémi Tamás (Budapest, Hungary), Tomo Tany (Tokyo, Japan), Laurent Tarbouriech (Toulouse, France), Edit Ternyák (Budapest, Hungary), Gwen Walstrand (Springfield, MO, USA), Root Yarden (Upper Galilee, Israel)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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