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Red alert!

A juried international photography exhibition

September 24 – October 14, 2015


Lady in Red
Midtown – Manhattan
Rainy Elegancy
Facade With Boarded Windows
Blood No. 4
Blood No. 5
Refugee in a self-constructed house
Five Eyes
Pico Rivera
Danger Zone
Coney Island Red
Piggy's Beefshoe
Piggy's Baconshoe
Table For Two
Cultural Sphere
Red furie
Abstract Street
43°58'53.8"N 83°12'37.0"W
44°52'58.4"N 86°02'32.8"W

The meaning of photographic images is shaped by the unique interplay of depictive and conceptual content as well as compositional features. Colours often play a significant role in photographic meaning construction; they may have symbolic meanings, conceptual significance, and they can also contribute to or even determine the internal structure and the composition of images. Red is one of those characteristic colours that are often used for such purposes. Its potential for symbolic significance and its strong, vivid presence make it an excellent candidate for creative photographic endeavours. Photographers have been relying on the potentials of red throughout the history of colour photography, and it is always a rewarding experience to survey contemporary photographic works with an eye for the many uses of the colour red.



Juror's choice

Maria Ignatyeva: Untitled


Honourable mentions

Mark Indig: Lady in Red

Jonathan MacagbaMidtown – Manhattan

Kuki Walsch: Rainy Elegancy



Associate's choice

Karmen CorakLand_p26



Exhibiting photographers


Jim Baab (Somerville, MA, USA), Bruce Berkow (New York, NY, USA), Ila Bo (Milan, Italy), Hendrik Braet (Gent, Belgium), Karmen Corak (Rome, Italy), Denise Felkin (London, UK), Barbara Harsch (Brussels, Belgium), Maria Ignatyeva (Moscow, Russia), Mark Indig (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Kazuo Kondo (Tokyo, Japan), Vincent Leandro (Talent, OR, USA), Jonathan Macagba (New York, NY, USA), Trevor Messersmith (Marlboro, NY, USA), Nancy Oliveri (New York, NY, USA), Anne Paternotte (Breda, Netherlands), Elvira Rajek (Vienna, Austria), Marian Rubin (Montclair, NJ, USA), Katalin Vágó-Lévai (Tatabánya, Hungary), Gabriele Viertel (Eindhoven , Netherlands), Kuki Walsch (Vienna, Austria), Anna Katharina Zeitler (Berlin, Germany), Michael Zuhorski (Dearborn Heights, MI USA)


Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.




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