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Photographic Visions – Winter 2023
A curated international photography exhibition
January 12 – February 1 (1st session) and February 9 – March 4 (2nd session)
MAM. Milwaukee, Wi.  2019
Headboard, Washington, DC. 2022
Laundry Room Door Latch. Washington, DC. 2022
Premonitions on the Avoidable, 1
Premonitions on the Avoidable, 2
Premonitions on the Avoidable, 3
Anagnoresis Arianna meets Ariadne
Ariadne abandons Arianna
Hut syndrome
My father so far, 06
My father so far, 10
My father so far, 15
Untitled Leicester Massachusetts 2009
Untitled Fairhaven Massachusetts 2001
Untitled Route 146 near Uxbridge, Massachusetts 2010
Double Vision
Global Warning
Second Home
Half a second of dusk 4
Half a second of dusk 5
Half a second of dusk 18
Colour Study 26
Colour Study 30
Colour Study 44
Interior Stair, Arab World Institute
London Dockyards
Starlings Above Florence
At the kitchen table 14
At the kitchen table 15
At the kitchen table 16
Russian Olive
Horizon Duetto
Horizon Monologue in Blue
Rogatchi_Light_SoloLight Solo
Exhaust (13)
Exhaust (15)
Exhaust (16)
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Liebhauser János, a Tolna Megyei Illyés Gyula Könyvtár igazgatója
Petőcz András költő, író
Csornij Dávid költő
Fly me to the moon
I always wanted to see the sea
My eternal love
Abstract dreams I
Abstract dreams II
Abstract dreams III

Click on the thumbnail to view the image. Click on the image for a larger view and information.

Photographic Visions is a biannual exhibition at PH21 Gallery, showing mini-series of the works of selected artists who submitted their portfolio for our solo exhibition competition. Our aim is to celebrate the work of photographers whose portfolio is progressive and visionary, forwarding photography in the 21st century.

Photographic Visions – Winter 2023 presents three images (in the form of mini-series) from twenty photographers in two sections.

To find out more about the photographers, please click on their names to visit their websites.

Exhibiting artists:

Please return in a few days to read the short artist statements of the exhibiting artists.

January 12 – February 1 (1st session)

Robert Atwater

Paola Francesca Barone

Rytis Gervickas 

Leena Holmström

Mary C Legg

Alex Neumann

Dina Sirat

Zsolt Székelyhidi

Eddy Verloes

Viktória Zai

February 9 – March 4 (2nd session)

Emma Backer

Eva Brunner

Victoria Crayhon

Sari Fried-Fiori

Paul Gravett

Kip Harris


Roman Martynenko

Jose Ney Mila Espinosa

Inna Rogatchi

Joseph Santarpia


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