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People at PH21 Gallery



Zsolt Bátori, PhD, director

Borbála Jász, PhD, vice-director
Anita Spingár-Westerlund, gallery manager

Cintia Szujó, gallery associate


Zsolt is a curator, photographer, photography theorist, philosopher of art, and educator. He is the founder director and curator of PH21 Gallery, providing group and solo exhibitions to photographers internationally for over a decade in PH21 Gallery, Budapest and in cooperation with galleries in Barcelona, Jersey City, and Rome. Zsolt has nurtured the careers of many photographers who received further exhibition and career opportunities after exhibiting at PH21 Gallery. He has taught and conducted research at universities in Hungary, the USA, Argentina, and Spain, and his own photographic work has been exhibited internationally. Currently, Zsolt serves as a member of the executive committee of the International Association for Aesthetics and the Association of Hungarian Photographers. He also serves as a juror for Photolucida Critical Mass for the years 2023 and 2024. For Zsolt's website, please click here.


Borbála is a curator, art historian, philosopher of art, and educator. She has served as the vice-director and curator of PH21 Gallery of many years, providing international exhibition and career opportunities for photographers worldwide. As an art historian, Borbála is especially perceptive to the cultural and historical context, significance, and interconnectedness of photographic images. She also has first-hand experience with the artistic, legal, and practical aspects of collections, having worked extensively with collectors.

Anita is a photographer and art manager. She helps with the implemetation of exhibitions, handles PR duties, and she also maintains contact with our exhibiting photographers.


Cintia is a university student in communication and media studies. She helps with the implementation of exhibitions, and she also works with our social media accounts.

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