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A curated international photography exhibition

September 26 – October 19, 2019                                                      newsletter

Schwarzwald Snowscape 7
Schwarzwald Snowscape 17
Schwarzwald Snowscape 21
Menorca Roof
Sandown Beach (Isle of Wight)
Sky Oceans of Blue
Four Girls On the Beach, Venice
Homo Absentia No. 2
By the Corn No. 4
Twisting bridges no. 2
The End of Summer
Another path
Island Scape - Symi
Cityscape No. 1
Presence No. 2
Woodstock, NY
Ramble No. 1
Guadiana river
Scapes No. 3
Secret Wall
Unreal Landscape No. 1
The day before
Snow Fences
Our Beach
Goals (Kapuk)
Kerekedi-öböl, Nádas-scape
Is It Summer?
A Journey to Discover the Sea No. 2

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There are all sorts of natural and artificial scenes that capture the attention of photographers, compel and inspire them to pause, observe and create an image for the sake of the scene and convey a personal interpretation of what they see. These types of photographs go by a variety of names; they are called landscapes, cityscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, waterscapes, cloudscapes, or even desertscapes, treescapes, bodyscapes, and the like. Among these photographs the most successful ones go well beyond the mere recording of the visual qualities of a place as they bear the marks of the interpretive insights of the photographer. They make us contemplate a scene as meaningful and significant. For it is never challenging to merely re-present;it takes a novel conception of the scene to engage us, viewers, through the keen eyes and the creative mind of the photographer.

Juror's choice

Ryuten Paul RosenblumSchwarzwald Snowscape 7, 17, 21

Honourable mentions

Michał Amerek: Menorca Roof

Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw: Sandown Beach (Isle of Wight)

Olivér Németh: Untitled

Exhibiting photographers

Mildred Alpern (New York, NY, USA), Michał Amerek (Podłęże, Poland), Bruce Berkow (New York, NY, USA), Cristina Bugariu (Timisoara, Romania), Adam Carey (Berlin, Germany), Lisa Cutler (New York, NY, USA), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch NJ US, USA), Paul Delpani (Vienna, Austria), Frédéric Deschênes (Montréal, Québec, Canada), Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw (Paris, France), Amy Fichter (Menomonie, WI, USA), Barbara Frye (Jona, Switzerland), Alexandra Gataeva (Rochester, NY, USA), Nadide Goksun (Scarsdale, NY, USA), Eva Gstoettner (Vienna, Austria), Hanxuan Jiang (London, UK), Paul Kessel (New York, NY, USA), Ema Lancaricova (Trnava, Slovakia), Lorenzo Lumeras (Badajoz, Spain), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Genevieve Maynard (Johannesburg, South Africa), Olga Merrill (Brunswick, ME, USA), Malgorzata Mikolajczyk (Warsaw, Poland), Matei Muntiu (Ipswich, UK), Olivér Németh (Marcali, Hungary), Léna Piani (Ajaccio, France), Yuanyuan Qiu (Beijing, China), Robert M. Romano (Pound Ridge, NY, USA), Ryuten Paul Rosenblum (San Anselmo, CA, USA), Marian Rubin (Montclair, NJ, USA), Wil Scott (Annapolis, MD, USA), Judit Erzsébet Szabó (Budapest, Hungary), Zsolt Olaf Szamódy (Tatabánya, Hungary), Dejan Todorović (Belgrade, Serbia), Zijie Zhou (Shenzhen, China)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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