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Scene and Meaning:
the art of photography – Barcelona

A curated international photography exhibition

March 20–27, 2023, PH21@Barcelona                                                    newsletter

INscape No. 95
The Gemini Project
Sal & Bailey Approach The Alien Orb
Double Lap
At Window
INscape No. 84
Still Life 2
Still Life 9
Going Nowhere
Mother's Mule
Two Trees
Dedalus' Footprints 6
Baby Nurse Stairwell
Picture Window
The Long Road
Stories in Glass 1
Stories in Glass 2
Khoisan man
Sunset, Garden State Parkway South
Abandoned Homes
Water's Embrace
Planet X Blues
Pandemic Shadows 36
Enigma No. 1
Enigma No. 2
Last Call at the Country Store
Dancing at the Rural Opry
Meet and Greet
Modern Age
Blood Flowers
Interrupted Play
Terroni No2
Terroni No3
Helley_ward_pavementBelow The Line | Pavement Editio
1st Sacred
2nd Sacred
Sal & Bailey Are On The Case
Magic garden No. 2
Glass and Light 10
Glass and Light 11
Love 1
Love 2
Love 1ű3
Unshakable Kingdom #2
The walker
New forest No. 4
New forest No. 5
Desert Pieces; Bike Frame
Desert Pieces; Wheels
Restless legs No. 2
Double Bunny
LeConte Bay Glacial Calving
Coastline Wave Beauty
Still life, 1.
Still life, 3.
No Place to Land
Terra Forma
Sand Fog
No News Day
Seeing the Unseen
Bokeh: First Night in Tokyo
Out of Context (Apartments Low Tide with Groups)
Out of Context (Old Gray Porch Distant Shacks)
In the Master's Studio. Art Scenes series
Shadow Theater
Paris, France - Metro
Rome, Italy - Bocce Ball Court
Mexican Shadows
Time Studies #1
Self-Portrait In Mono
Morning Rush
Signal developing
Circles 34
Ride me to the Light
The Worship
White I
White IV
End of corridor
High-walled fortress
Bind No. 2

Click on the thumbnail to view the image. Click on the image for a larger view and information.

Although photography first emerged as a technological invention, it was also quickly conceived as an artistic practice as well. Pictorialist photographs in the nineteenth century were created to look like paintings, while advocates of straight photography in the first part of the twentieth century strived for the purely photographic means of creating photographic meaning. Street photographers devoted the medium to capturing the fleeting moment, while in the last part of the twentieth century many photographers turned to staging and directing to utilize photography for artistic visual communication. Straight photography creates photographic meaning from the scene observed, while directorial, staged photography creates a scene to be photographed from a preceding conception. Art photography also includes numerous genres and creative practices from portraiture, landscape and still life to abstract and conceptual photography. In this call we ask contemporary photographers to show how they understand photography as a fine art practice in the twenty first century.


This PH21 Gallery exhibition will be presented in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in collaboration with Valid World Hall Gallery, a renowned centre for the visual arts.

Curator's choice

Emmanuelle Becker: INscape No. 95

Honourable mentions

Serena DzenisThe Gemini Project 

John Kosmer: Sal & Bailey Approach The Alien Orb

Debra May: Double Lap

Exhibiting photographers

Norman Mark Aragones (San Jose, CA, USA), Val Asuga (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), Paola Francesca Barone (Naples, Italy), Emmanuelle Becker (Paris, France), Robin Bell (New York, NY, USA), Béla Bertók (Mürzzuschlag, Austria), Laurie J. Blanksma (Hoquiam, WA, USA), Rick Bogacz (Toronto, Canada), Marco Bordignon (Accra, Ghana), Lindsay Brice (New York, NY, USA), Robert Brook (Shrewsbury, UK), Nicole Campanello (The Woodlands, TX, USA), Marlena Cechmistrz-Milczarek (Warsaw, Poland), Michael Corthell (Millis, MA, USA), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Todd Dieringer (Akron, OH, USA), Mark A. Dierker (Dubuque, IA, USA), Serena Dzenis (Reykjavik, Iceland), Laurie Toby Edison (San Francisco, CA, USA), Sophia Elizabeth (Kingston, Australia), Cristina Embil (Oviedo, Spain), Lukas Flippo (Amory, MS, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), Suzanne Gonsalez-Smith (Grand Forks, ND, USA), Maureen J Haldeman (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Niki Helley Ward (Pleasanton, CA, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), John Kosmer (Fly Creek, NY, USA), Doris Kundratitz (Innsbruck, Austria), Alison Lake (Monterey, CA, USA), Stefanie Lebowski (Paris, France), Hyonchang Lee (Seoul, South Korea), Lodiza LePore (Bennington, VT, USA), Shifra Levyathan (Ramat- Gan, Israel), Paul Lipscombe (Bournemouth, UK), Ken Lorenz (Langley, BC, Canada), Kata Markó (Budapest, Hungary), Max Marshall (Kennebunk, ME, USA), Debra May (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Dan McCormack (Accord, NY, USA), Debbie McCulliss (Greenwood Village, CO, USA), Jose Ney Mila Espinosa (Kissimmee, FL, USA), Janet Milhomme (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Alejandra Moral (Tucson, AZ, USA), Robert Morrissey (Portland, OR, USA), Paul M. Murray (Jamestown, RI, USA), Fern L. Nesson (Cambridge, MA, USA), Nancy Oliveri (New York, NY, USA), Jürgen Pawlik (Wörthsee, Germany), John Potter (Dubuque, IA, USA), Michael G. Prais (Geneva, IL, USA), Joy Robles (Ocala, FL, USA), Inna Rogatchi (Turku, Finland), Mk Ruggiero (Palmyra, VA, USA), Karen Safer (Playa del Rey, CA, USA), Ariana Saigh (Paris, France), Robert A. Schaefer, Jr. (New Orleans, LA, USA), Tamás Schild (Budapest, Hungary), William Mark Sommer (Sacramento, CA, USA), Erik Suchy (North St. Paul, MN, USA), Joshua Tann (Long Beach, CA, USA), Panto Trivkovic (Vienna, Austria), Tamás Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Melanie Vasa (Boonton, NJ, USA), Eddy Verloes (Boutersem, Belgium), Georg Worecki (Daleiden, Germany), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany), Root Yarden (Beit Hillel, Israel), Huahan Zhang (New York, NY, USA)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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