Luisa Briganti
Passo a due
April 11 – May 4, 2019 (Project Room)

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Passo a due

Narration of vital cycles, discovering your self-image in the vastness of one another.  

Love that inflames us, anguishes us and asks us to become hope. 


So then you capture the fleeting things, transitional acts, emotions stolen from the oblivion of time; the seeming inconsistency of reality becomes narration that identifies with the desire of giving birth to a new world, in which hurts and anguishes are healed, in which beauty can finally triumph.  

Photography can sometimes listen, can wait, as poetry does, before starting to tell. 

As poetry, the photos by Luisa are leading us to a possibility, a truth we haven’t found yet, from the worlds of dream, to the dreams of the world. 


Far away from the shaken and tumultuous dizziness of everyday life, in the silence, the photos of Luisa induce us to go through and participate to experience.

The experience becomes aesthetic and ethic as far as we develop it, we dedicate ourselves to it, we fight for its fullfillment. 


Experience, as Dewey says, must be accomplished. The arrival, pivot point for Dewey is always the work of art.

Such is Luisa Briganti’s photography. 


Gabriele Agostini

Luisa Briganti


Photographer, co-founder and director of Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia (CSF) Adams since 1996. She is one of the creators and organizers of CascinafarsettiArt, the annual cultural event of Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams since 2008. She is the founder of KromArt Gallery that debuted in June of the same year in Parco dell’Appia Antica in Rome.

In 2012 and 2013 she realized a photographic installation in cooperation with the CSF Adams students on “Rebirth-day – Il giorno della rinascita” by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Organiser of artist residencies at CSF Adams since 2015. 


Selected exhibitions:

180 Basaglia, from mental institution seclusion to the right to citizenship

(showrooms of Santa Rita and the ex-psychiatric hospital of Santa Maria della Pietà, Rome)

Assolo metropolitano – urban commuters after 9/11(Italian Cultural Week at the University of Beijing, China)

I luoghi della memoria – homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini (International Photography Festival, Rome, 2006)

Passo a due (Prague Photo Festival, 2016, Tevere Art Gallery, Rome, 2017, PH21 Gallery, 2017, Woman’s essence in Paris, 2017)

Annuska(Prague Photo Festival 2017, Palazzo VelliExpo, Rome and Kijev, 2017, International Photography Festival of Lishui, China, 2017)

Please visit Luisa Briganti's website for more information.

This exhibition was supported by the Local Government of Ferencváros District (Budapest Főváros IX. Kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata).

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