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A juried international photography exhibition

May 17 – June 9, 2018

Eye Tell You
Facadement No. 1
Is This My Beautiful House?
Other number more No. 1
Grand Illusion
Deadpool, West 145th Street Subway
Pink Minimalist
Separate Waters
Urban Jungle
Sematizmus 4.
Facadement No. 3
Fairest of Them All #2
A Zoophile in Love
Vestigial Echo
Metamorphosis II
Saying High Differently
Unraveling No. 3
Chasing Alice
Cherry Sauce Chair
Damn, Where Is My Car
Prada, Marfa
Barking Rose
Dead Calm No. 2
Reactor No. 1
Paper-reading couple, Padstow
Cloying Jealousy

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We live much of our lives in familiar situations and surroundings, and that holds true for our natural, built as well as our social environment. We need to rely on the known and the recognizable so that we can go about our daily routines. There are photographs that depict the known and the familiar; photography, however, may also surprise us by presenting that which is unusual, distracting or even disturbing. These images may catch us off guard and demand more of our attention and interpretive efforts. They might be unexpected for various reasons in terms of their content or composition; they all, however, originate in a creative photographic decision to present the world in a way that departs from the mundane ordinariness of the familiar.

Juror's choice

Max Moldau: Eye Tell You

Honourable mentions

Stefan GonzalevskiFacadement No. 1

Janet HolmesIs This My Beautiful House?

Marco Antonio Moreno GonzálezOther number more No. 1


Exhibiting photographers

Mildred Alpern (New York, NY, USA), Bruce Berkow (New York, NY, USA), Clody Cates (Oakland, CA, USA), Alexandra Cerutti (Caracas, Venezuela), Frédéric Deschênes (Montréal, Québec, Canada), Steffen Ebert (Sülzetal, Germany), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Danielle L Goldstein (New York, NY, USA), Stefan Gonzalevski (Budapest, Hungary), Robert Heller (Knoxville, TN, USA), Janet Holmes (Toronto, Canada), Siva Sai Jeevanantham (Chennai, India), Nathan Kamp (New York, NY, USA), Mia Krys (Portland, OR, USA), Shaantanu Kulkarni (Pune, India), Donovan Levy (Baltimore, MD, USA), Gabriela Lobato (México City, Mexico), Joanna Madloch (Montclair, NJ, USA), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Taylor Mathues (High Bridge, NJ, USA), Shanna Merola (Detroit, MI, USA), Ashley Miller (Olympia, WA, USA), Max Moldau (Berlin, Germany), Marco Antonio Moreno González (Guanajuato, Mexico), Matthew Portch (Melbourne, Australia), Nicolas Raymond (Bethesda, MD, USA), Dirk Schlottmann (Berlin, Germany), Rita Silva (Porto, Portugal), Pascal Ungerer (London, UK), Jan Williams & Chris Teasdale / TCG: The Caravan Gallery (Portsmouth, UK), Peng Zhou (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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