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John Kosmer: Mug Shot Project
July 27 – August 20, 2024 (Project Room)

Winky Goes To Confession
What a lovely Couple. It’s Like They Were Made For Each Other
Sal & Charlie Compete For Barbie’s Attention
Barbie Married Charlie Because He Always Made Her Laugh
Taking A Ride In The Country
Sal & Bailey Get Ready For The Big Cattle Drive
Sal, Bailey & Charlie At The Dude Ranch
Sal & Barbie At The Great Pyramid Of Giza
Bailey & Winky At The Great Pyramid Of Paris
Jerry Assures Devotee Donors He’s Building A Holistic Wellness Retreat, Not A Cult
Sal & Bailey Find Bailey’s Doppelganger
Long Time Friends Enjoying Time Together At The Cafe
At The Bar, Divorced Sam Sadly Remembers Younger Days While Winky & Danny Celebrate Their Anniversar
Sal & Bailey At Mardi Gras
Sal & Bailey Are On The Case
When Crime Boss Bailey Winked, His Mugs Knew There Was Trouble
The 4 House Mugs Of The Climate Change Apocalypse
Charlie Said To Actor Sal, “All The World’s A Stage And I’m Just A Stagehand”
Sal & Bailey In North Country
Texas Cha-Cha Country Line Dancing
Group Session To Welcome New Substance Abuse Arrivals
Sal & Bailey Plant Flowers
Sal & Bailey Have Espresso
Sal & Bailey Perform ‘Handmaiden’s Tale’
Charlie & Pete Perform Of ‘Mice & Men’ Finale

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Artist statement

John Kosmer: Mug Shot Project

If the tableau photographs in my Mug Shot Project put a smile on your face, I’ve done my job. It began by searching for a mug in my kitchen. When you look in the cupboard and see sculpted faces on mugs and they’re looking back at you, you know you’re on to something. My project showcases 3D sculpted facial mugs in absurdist tableaus that gently and humorously chide USA culture and customs. At their simplest, they provide a smile and at their most complex they also can imbue empathy and pathos. These photographs absolutely depend on their titles to carry and reveal meaning to the audience.



In the past two and a half years about 60 of my photographs (about two a month) have been included in well known and respected Call For Photography gallery venues globally. In Europe they include PH21 in Budapest, LoosenArt in Rome, Blank Wall Gallery in Athens and Glasgow Gallery in Glasgow. In the USA they include NYC4PA in NY, SE Center for Photography in SC, PhotoPlace Gallery in VT, Praxis Photo Arts Center in MN and A. Smith Gallery in TX. The easiest and fastest way to get a sense of my work is through my exhibition history. The ‘Exhibitions’ page of my website ‘' displays each exhibited photo chronologically with title, gallery, exhibition dates and gallery location. The page shows only one large photo at a time that fills the display, until you scroll down to see the next photo. It is an easy vertical scroll that is quick to skim through.


This exhibition was supported by the Local Government of Ferencváros District (Budapest Főváros IX. Kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata).

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