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Vision and Expression:
the art of photography – Barcelona

A curated international photography exhibition

April 3–10, 2024, PH21@Barcelona                                                       newsletter

Collapsing Toward Memory
The Fish #1 from the series 'Hiding from the Truth'
The Toys, N°4
Untitled from the series 'Containment Diaries'
Borealis III
After the fire 1
After the fire 2
Morning Walk
Windows on a Sunny Day
Seaborne 5
Seaborne 13
Group of Four
Running Man
Tree Time
Monroe St. Alley
Public Works Yard #1
Magenta Morning
Red Rain
Stay with me 1
Stay with me 1
Pier in October
Windy Dawn
New Jersey Coast, Winter 1
New Jersey Coast, Winter 2
Deconstructed 7
Deconstructed 10
Expression 1
Expression 2
The Tale Teller
Pandemic Shadows 116 leaves and branches
Pandemic Shadows 132 Estonia
City Circle
City Light
Instant bodies – Zsófi in a photography laboratory in Budapest
Memento Mori
Stars, Stripes, and Guns Forever
Colour Study 65
Colour Study 69
The Secret Life of Trees No1
The Secret Life of Trees No2
Magical Snow
Passing Through
The Frog #1 from the series Hiding from the Truth
Double Drain #1
Double Drain #2
When Crime Boss Bailey Winked, His Mugs Knew It Was Trouble
Founder Jerry Assures Skeptical Devotee Donor Couples That He’s Creating A Retreat, Not A Cult.
Autumn road
Autumn Tree
The Toys, N°2
Changes of the Summer
Myths and Ledgers
End of Things
That Which Is Left
In the Oven of Mind-11
SDND MP 206 (Hand Scratched)
Bearing Witness
Self with Transitional Objects
Working Harder To Reclaim that Context
Self-Portrait (2024)
Pattern 9578
Pattern 9681
Dancing 3
Dancing 4
Lonely 2
EDP Lisbon
My Christmas Card: My Scratch
Penny Farthings
Sunrise on The Plains
La Tertulia
My skin, my garden
Eaters, San Gennaro Festival 2023
Grand Canal (Two Views)
Calatrava’s Valencia
LaRochelle Patterns
Untitled from the series 'Containment Diaries'
Sunnyside Up 3
Morning Rush
The Fear In Me
Fake stars
Room View 01
Room View 02
Mystery of the Ordinary 1
Mystery of the Ordinary 3
Ripeness 1
Ripeness 2

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Although photography initially emerged as a technological invention, it quickly evolved into an expressive artistic practice. Pictorialist photographs from the nineteenth century were crafted to resemble paintings, while proponents of straight photography in the early twentieth century aimed for a purely photographic approach to conveying meaning. Street photographers dedicated the medium to capturing fleeting moments, and in the latter part of the twentieth century, many photographers embraced staging and directing to employ photography as a means of artistic visual communication. Straight photography derives expressive meaning from the observed scene, while directorial, or staged photography involves creating a scene based on a preconceived notion. Art photography today encompasses various genres and creative practices, ranging from portraiture, landscape, and still life to staged, abstract, and conceptual photography. More recently, AI-generated photo-based images have also asserted their presence in the art photography scene. In this exhibition, contemporary photographers demonstrate their understanding of photography as an expressive fine art practice in the twenty-first century.


This PH21 Gallery exhibition is presented in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in collaboration with Valid World Hall Gallery, a renowned centre for the visual arts.

Curator's choice

Honourable mentions

  • Diana Nicholette Jeon: The Fish #1 from the series 'Hiding from the Truth' (AI-Mediated Post-Photographic Composited Image from 2 Text and Image Generated AI images; composited and altered in post.)

  • Laura Malaterra: The Toys, N°4

  • Buku Sarkar: Untitled from the series 'Containment Diaries'

Exhibiting photographers

Patrícia Abreu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bo Bergström (Stockholm, Sweden), Stu Bloom (Fairfield, CT, USA), Lindsay Brice (New York, NY, USA), Ole Brodersen (Lyngør, Norway), Robert Brook (Shrewsbury, UK), Jenny Chernansky (Chicago, IL, USA), David A. Cohen (Highland Park, IL, USA), Michael Corthell (Millis, MA, USA), Beki Cowey (Guisborough, UK), Ágota Csiszér (Budapest, Hungary), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Maks Dannecker (Berlin, Germany), Erik Deerly (Lafeyette, LA, USA), Paul Delpani (Ascona, Switzerland), Mark A. Dierker (Dubuque, IA, USA), Edit Ebers-Ujvári (Budapest, Hungary), Laurie Toby Edison (San Francisco, CA, USA), Mercedes Fernández (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Sari Fried-Fiori (Katy, TX, USA), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Liam V. Gildea (Marblehead, MA, USA), Suzanne Gonsalez-Smith (Grand Forks, ND, USA), Paul Gravett (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Maureen J Haldeman (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Jere Hiltunen (Barcelona, Spain), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Diana Nicholette Jeon (Honolulu, HI, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), John Kosmer (Fly Creek, NY, USA), Mary C Legg (Prague, Czech Republic), Vita Foldi Levar (Palatine, IL, USA), Laura Malaterra (Genoa, Italy), Dan McCormack (Accord, NY, USA), Richard S. McWherter (Derry, PA, USA), Janet Milhomme (Los Angeles, CA, USA), J.J. Miller (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA), Raheleh Mohammad (Cleveland, OH, USA), Allen Morris (Spearfish, SD, USA), Robert Morrissey (Portland, OR, USA), Sarah Nesbitt (Detroit, M, USA), Fern L. Nesson (Cambridge, MA, USA), Joseph O’Neill (New York, NY, USA), Nancy Oliveri  (New York, NY, USA), Valentina Paparozzi (Viterbo, Italy), Cyrille Parry (Saint-Germain-en-laye, France), Susanna Patras (Reno, NV, USA), Jiaxian Peng (Gaayein) (London, UK), John Potter (Sherrill, IA, USA), Camilo Ramirez (Boston, MA, USA), Maira Ray (Paris, France), Russ Rowland (New York, NY, USA), Karen Safer (Playa del Rey, CA, USA), Buku Sarkar (New York, NY, USA), George Shelley (Oxford, UK), Paula Siwek (Chapel Hill, NC, USA), Joshua Tann (Long Beach, CA, USA), Ken To (Hong Kong), Tamás Varga (Budapest, Hungary), Anastasia Volkova (Toronto, Canada), Vildan We (Cologne, Germany), Nina Weinberg Doran (Mount Kisco, NY, USA), Yalan Wen (New York, NY, USA), Ingrid-Nathalie Wizun (Montreuil, France), Georg Worecki (Daleiden, Germany), Root Yarden (Upper Galilee, Israel)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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