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A juried international photography exhibition

July 28 – August 23, 2016

Pink Slippers
Trees Beaten by Sand
The Royal Wedding
Inside Out, Bangkok No. 1
Williamsburg No. 4
Exuberance Is Beauty No. 2
Exuberance Is Beauty No. 3
The Fantastic Travel No. 6
Untitled No. 3
Untitled No. 5
Philharmonie No. 1
Philharmonie No. 3
People No. 2
Forbidden love
Like 3 generations
Path to the Unwoken
Tess at the Wedding
Desperate housewife
Randy's Family 12.12.2015
Variations on a Theme No. 3



Throughout the history of photography contrast has persistently remained one of the significant expressive features of photographic images. Indeed, since contrast is a powerful visual communicative means in both black and white and colour photography, many photographers use contrast in the most creative ways in their work. Contrast may constitute the key compositional feature of an image on the formal aesthetic level; it may also emphasize some of the important aspects of the content of the photograph.



Juror's choice

JP TerlizziPink Slippers


Honourable mentions

Michał AmerekTrees Beaten by Sand

Barbara HarschThe Royal Wedding

Trevor MessersmithGlenside



Exhibiting photographers


Jully Acuña (Bogotá, Colombia), Michał Amerek (Podłęże, Poland), Robin Apple (Palo Alto, CA, USA), Lemia Monet Bodden  (San Francisco, CA, USA), Sarah Bouillaud (Paris, France), Anastasia Davis (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Britta Egebjerg (Vejle, Denmark), Stephanie Facer (MI, USA), Carole Glauber (Portland, OR, USA), Barbara Harsch (Brussels, Belgium), Emile Hengen (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg), Jana Herman (Paris, France), Ilona Kovács (Budapest, Hungary), Jean-Francois Lanthier (Montreal, Canada), Fréderic Mahy (Drogenbos, Belgium), Anda Marcu (London, ON, Canada), Nicolas Marlow (Atlanta, GA, USA), Trevor Messersmith (Marlboro, NY, USA), Lorenzo Palombini (Rome, Italy), Anna Pepe (Leeds, UK), Eder Sanchez (Vitoria, Spain), Wil Scott (Annapolis, MD, USA), Róbert Tasnádi (Szombathely, Hungary), JP Terlizzi (New York, NY, USA), Jie Zhang (New York, NY, USA), Lilla Zsitnyánszky (Niedernhausen, Germany)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.


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