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A juried international photography exhibition

October 15 – November 4, 2015



Weather within myself No. 2
Incisive No. 2
Pas de Deux
In a Different Pose
Light Through Venetian Blinds
Black Swan
Weather within myself No. 3
Hannah, untitled #2
Grown straight
Surplus I
Surplus II
Out of Reach
Father and daughter with violins
A/symmetrical Brighton No. 1
Low Response
Goddesses No. 1
Goddesses No. 2
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
New England Geometry
Untitled No. 2
Untitled No. 3

We often have a strong preference for symmetrical forms and structures both in nature and in our built environment. We find symmetrical faces, bodies, objects and scenes beautiful, and many of our artefacts are designed to be symmetrical as well. Some of our likes and dislikes have biological roots, but much of our attitude towards symmetry and asymmetry is shaped along the lines of our culturally influenced aesthetic preferences and customs. As much as we are drawn to symmetrical structures, we also appreciate or even expect asymmetry in many contexts in visual communication in general, and in photography in particular. Symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions are often creative choices that contribute to the appreciation of the meaning photographic images.



Juror's choice

Britta EgebjergWeather within myself No. 2


Honourable mentions

Viviana CarlosIncisive No. 2

Hsien-Chih ChuangPortrait

Meredith MullinsPas de Deux



Associate's choice

Erika SzőkeIn a Different Pose



Exhibiting photographers


Bruce Berkow (New York, NY, USA), Hendrik Braet (Ghent, Belgium), Viviana Carlos (Orange, CA, USA), Hsien-Chih Chuang (Taipei, Taiwan), Tudor Ciurescu (Bucharest, Romania), Britta Egebjerg (Vejle, Denmark), Kirsten Fenton (Toronto, Canada), Joanna Ference (Philadelphia, PA, USA), Birte Frey (Budapest, Hungary), Andrea Wikhammer Heir (Oslo, Norway), Carly M Hoopes (Berkeley, CA, USA), Meredith Mullins (Paris, France), Michiru Nakayama (Paris, France), Adrienn Németh (Brighton, UK),  Di Novak (Zagreb, Croatia), Mikhail Porollo (Brussels, Belgium), Kathleen Rogers (Summit, NY, USA), Wil Scott (Annapolis, MD, USA) Erika Szőke (Velky Kyr, Slovakia), Tanya Sue Todd (Harrells, NC, USA), Fred van Veluw (Gouda, Netherlands)



Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.




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