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A juried international photography exhibition

May 11 – June 6, 2017

Untitled No. 1
V2- Junction
The Puppet Master Adjusts His Hat
Reindeer Herder
Unfinished Affair
Kanjiza, Serbia
Under Study for a Funeral No. 3
Silhouette - Untitled No. 5
Through a Foggy Berlin Cafe Window
Blackberry Moss
Narcisse No. 6
Insomnia No. 5
Untitled Photograph
Eclipse III
The Lost Forest
Untitled No. 1
Lost Highway No. 5
Ancient Trees
Window No. 1
Lost in Translation
Jantar Mantar
Heaven Shift
Dried Leaf
Portrait of an Artist

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Monochrome photography is usually associated with black and white images. However, in the history of photography other hues, such as sepia and cyan were also used, and today there are countless examples of monochromatic images whose photographic qualities are based on the tonal range of various other colours. While monochromacity used to be a technological limitation for a long time, today it is more of an artistic choice. Photographers may opt for working with the shades of just one colour for compositional reasons or for reasons related to the expressive content of their images, and therefore their decision is to be interpreted. Our appreciation of contemporary monochromatic images is rooted in the knowledge that the lack of colour range is significant and meaningful, not merely a technological limitation.



Juror's choice

Oliver Frohner and Ingmar Vinzenz  (0640AM collective): Untitled No. 1

Honourable mentions

István KürtiV2- Junction

Dane Strom: The Puppet Master Adjusts His Hat

Alexander VedernikovReindeer Herder


Exhibiting photographers

Eliza Badoiu (Constanta, Romania), Tamás Bernáth (Budapest, Hungary), Julia Biro (London, UK), Eric Bladholm  (Chicago, IL, USA), Xavier Blondeau (Gisors, France), Steven Bowers (Portland, OR, USA), Nancy Stalnaker Bundy (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Shauna Caldwell (Boone, NC, USA), Antonio Domingues (Paris, France), Oliver Frohner and Ingmar Vinzenz (0640AM collective; Vienna, Austria), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Julie Gautier-Downes (Spokane, WA, USA), Luke Harby (Northampton, UK), Margrieta Jeltema (Vermezzo, Italy), Neil Kirtlan (London, UK), Nasu Kiyoshi (Kawasaki, Japan), Reka Komoli (London, UK), István Kürti (Budapest, Hungary), Keith Livers (Austin, TX, USA), Ioana Lodromanean (Timisoara, Romania), Beata Mamrol (New York, NY, USA), Anda Marcu (London, ON, Canada), Trevor Messersmith (Marlboro, NY, USA), Avijit Mukherjee (Kolkata, India), Ko Mumu (Tokyo, Japan), Michael Nemlich (Har-Adar, Israel), Khunya Lamat Pan (Austin, TX, USA), Asis Kumar Sanyal (Kolkata, India), Juergen Sarge (Cologne, Germany), Dane Strom (Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico), Zoltán Vadászi (Budapest, Hungary), Alexander Vedernikov (Moscow, Russia), Joshua White (West Jefferson, NC, USA), Marjan Zahed-Kindersley (Hastings, UK/Iran)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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