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Individual Portfolio Review and Personal Brand Development Consultation
with Zsolt Bátori and Borbála Jász


Enhance your photography portfolio with a comprehensive review and consultation session tailored to your specific needs. We will provide constructive feedback to help you refine your work and develop your photographic expression. Here's what you can expect:

  • Receive a meticulous review, critique, and constructive critical feedback on your portfolio, focusing on conceptual depth, composition, and overall coherence.

  • Gain guidance on developing a distinctive personal style and brand.

  • Learn how to curate a compelling body of work that showcases your strengths and engages viewers.

  • Develop your skills in editing and sequencing series.

  • Develop your skills in writing artist statements that make an impact.

  • Explore storytelling methods to create impactful narratives within your portfolio.

  • Get tips on presenting your portfolio in various formats, such as print, online galleries, or exhibitions.

This personalized portfolio review and consultation will provide you with the tools and knowledge to refine your portfolio, stand out as a photographer, and effectively communicate your artistic ideas. Although one consultation session cannot cover all the aspects above, in your registration, you can indicate which aspects you would like to focus on.

  • Portfolio review and consultation with Zsolt Bátori or with Borbála Jász

  • Dual-reviewer portfolio review and consultation with Zsolt Bátori and Borbála Jász


Portfolio review sessions are 45 minutes each, and the consultation fee is €65.00 per session. Dual-reviewer sessions are €85.00.

We offer a special rate of €45.00 (single) and €55.00 (dual) for students, unwaged individuals, and applicants from low-income economies. We trust your judgment, and no proof of eligibility is required. The special rate is simply intended for those who may have difficulties paying the regular fee.

If you feel that your first review session did not meet your expectations, we will provide a full refund of your fee.


To register or inquire further, please e-mail us at Please indicate with whom you would like to have your portfolio review session and your available time slots. Don’t forget to include your time zone. Payment will be due when you receive a confirmation e-mail and the date and time for the consultation.


Please use PayPal to pay your tuition fee and reserve your spot (after receiving your confirmation e-mail). We can only accept payments via PayPal at the moment.


Zsolt Bátori is a curator, photographer, photography theorist, philosopher of art, and educator. He is the founder director and curator of PH21 Gallery, providing group and solo exhibitions to photographers internationally for over a decade in PH21 Gallery, Budapest and in cooperation with galleries in Barcelona, Jersey City, and Rome. Zsolt has nurtured the careers of many photographers who received further exhibition and career opportunities after exhibiting at PH21 Gallery. After obtaining his PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University he has taught and conducted research at universities in Hungary, the USA, Argentina, and Spain, and his own photographic work has been exhibited internationally. Currently, Zsolt serves as a member of the executive committee of the International Association for Aesthetics and the Association of Hungarian Photographers. He also serves as a juror for Photolucida Critical Mass for the years 2023 and 2024. For Zsolt's website, please click here.


Borbála Jász is a curator, art historian, philosopher of art, and educator. She has served as the vice-director and curator of PH21 Gallery for many years, providing international exhibition and career opportunities for photographers worldwide. Borbála earned her PhD in Philosophy and Art History from Eötvös Loránd University. As an art historian, Borbála is especially perceptive to the cultural and historical context, significance, and interconnectedness of photographic images. She also has first-hand experience with the artistic, legal, and practical aspects of collections, having worked extensively with collectors.

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