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Portraits Without Faces

A curated international photography exhibition

September 23 – October 16, 2021                                                         newsletter

Dancer No. 1
West Street, Boston
Girls in Ibiza
Yellow fish
The Girl at the Bus Stop
Untitled 7
Nick’s Galaxy
Powder Portraits 2
Powder Portraits 3
Sunday - Clacton-on-Sea - 2020
We read to know we're not alone (cit.) - London - 2020
Dancer No. 2
Earthbound Ophelia
Cold Shabbat Stroll
Crossing the Line
Deposed Provost
Mug Shot Chart, Death Row, Penitentiary of New Mexico, New Mexico, 2016
Erika György 39
Summer Time
Bloomers, Vienna 2020
Talking Loud and Saying Nothing, Vienna 2020
Hidden No. 1
No Comment
Grey Hairs Creep Up My Aging Arm
TV Lighting My Hand In Darkness
Somewhere else
After Shopping
Body words No. 5
No face land No. 7
Destiny and Claudine
Human Frequency
Baranja Dreaming
Winter Osijek
Lost 1
Fingers Floating
Hair in Hand
False Memory Syndrome
Inside Me
Hand of Man
Holding Time
Time Reservoir
Portrait of women near their Mosque
Dorian - No More Dead Time
Dorian Speaks – 1
New Life
Shadow of the Soul
Torso No.2. Body Plain
Torso No.3. Face Wisp
Man with glasses
Back and hat
On the stage

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Portraiture emerged as one of the most prominent genres of depictive media early in the history of the visual arts; tacit or explicit rules, conventions and cultural expectations have always influenced the ways in which artists approached the genre. Photography is no exception. Numerous different and characteristic styles of portraiture emerged throughout the history of the medium. We usually assume that faces are necessary components of portraiture; we may, however, learn just as much about the character, the personality of a person by looking at images that depict other parts of their bodies, show us the objects or places associated with them. Not focusing on the face may open up a new dimension of interpretation. Our Portraits Without Faces exhibition is dedicated to this challenging divergence from the more conventional approaches to the genre. 

Curator's choice

Luca Chiaventi: Dancer No. 1

Honourable mentions

Jeff LarasonWest Street, Boston

Megumi Otsuka: Girls in Ibiza

Eddy Verloes: Yellow fish

Exhibiting photographers

Kanat Akar (Ankara, Turkey), Mildred Alpern (New York, NY, USA), Eszter Asszonyi (Budapest, Hungary), Steven Dwayne Bryk (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Brian Cann (Waldenbuch, Germany), Tommaso Carrara (London, UK), Luca Chiaventi (Rome, Italy), Patricia Houghton Clarke (Carpinteria, CA, USA), Hadley K Conner (Cleveland, OH, USA), Dorie Dahlberg (Long Branch, NJ, USA), Deb A. Davis (Toledo, OH, USA), Brett Leigh Dicks (Fremantle, Australia), László Gálos (Ammerzoden, Netherlands), Daniel Gerse (Budapest, Hungary), Lara Gilks (Wellington, New Zealand), Nadide Goksun (WhitePlains, NY, USA), Michael Goldrei (Vienna, Austria), Cynthia Isakson (Houston, TX, USA), Robert S Johnson (New York, NY, USA), John Kosmer (Fly Creek, NY, USA), Jeff Larason (Boston, MA, USA), Stefanie Lebowski (Paris, France), Anna Lerner (London, UK), Aqua Lin (Taipei, Taiwan), Angela Lucari (Rome, Italy), Lisea Lyons (St. Petersburg, FL, USA), Sarah Malakoff (Roslindale, MA, USA), marcellus (Roosendaal, Netherlands), Tomislav Marcijuš (Osijek, Croatia), Heather C Markham (Sun Lakes, AZ, USA), Maria Alejandra Mata (Boston, MA, USA), Dan McCormack (Accord,  NY, USA), Ruby McShane (Portland, OR, USA), Edward Nurton (Berlin, Germany), Lori Ordover (Santa Monica, CA, USA), Megumi Otsuka (Tokyo, Japan), Léna Piani (Ajaccio, France), Anelyn Radulescu (Bucharest, Romania), Rpnunyez (Murcia, Spain), Carl Shubs (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Fabio Sozza (Brescia, Italy), Marcy St. Laurent (Castle Rock, CO, USA), Ray Stephenson (Sherborn, MA, USA), Zsolt Székelyhidi (Budapest, Hungary), Eddy Verloes (Boutersem, Belgium), Rachel Wolf (Portland, OR, USA), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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