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In Statu Nascendi / The State of Becoming           

A curated international photography exhibition                                    newsletter

October 11 – 21, 2019, Project Room

Darkroom Experiment No. 1
Dark writing No. 6
Felemelkedés (Rising)
Metamorphosis No. 1
Washing Away
Sands inventory No. 1
You Are Everything
Csenge Lantos painter
Coans of Water No. 2
Coans of Water No. 6
On Identity No. 5
Me No. 2
Phase transition No. 1
Phase transition No. 2
Phase transition No. 3
Abstract No. 6
Ádám és Éva 2
Reflexio No. 2

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Creation, togetherness, and relationships are the core notions in the works of the French philosopher, Jean-Luc Nancy. In his writings of the last 20 years he focused on art: on experiencing art, on the sharing of art in the process of creation, and on creating communities that are open to the creative process. The acts of creation are central in this thinking, together with gestures of the creating momentum, of birth and rebirth: thought, body, soul in the state of becoming, in statu nascendi.

Juror's choice

Benjamin BledeaDarkroom Experiment No. 1

Honourable mentions

Jean-Claude Bise: Dark writing No. 6

László Gálos: Felemelkedés (Rising)

Luna JovanovicMetamorphosis No. 1

Exhibiting photographers

Debra Achen (Monterey, CA, USA), Guilherme Bergamini (Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil), Jean-Claude Bise (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), Benjamin Bledea (Timisoara, Romania), Marco de Sarorce (Lille, France), Julie Fowells (Los Angeles, CA, USA), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Igor Gusev (St. Petersburg, Russia), Ira Iosub (London, UK), Luna Jovanovic (Novi Sad, Serbia), Balázs Kulcsár (Budapest, Hungary), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Malgorzata Mikolajczyk (Warsaw, Poland), Géza Seres (Budapest, Hungary), Csilla Simon (Budapest, Hungary), Eiji Yamamoto (Saarbruecken, Germany)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

This exhibition was co-organised by PH21 Gallery and PH21 Gallery and the Faculty of Art and Creative Industries of the Budapest Metropolitan University.

This exhibition was supported by the Local Government of Ferencváros District (Budapest Főváros IX. Kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata).

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