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Out of the ordinary

A curated international photography exhibition

May 4–22, 2024

The Secret
Shaman's Apprentice
Untitled #1
Beauty of the uncanny No. 3
VESTIGES [radish]
Fire Nebula
Purple Nebula
Orange Man
What will you have?
Anonymity I
Will you take care of me if I look like one of the things you are already looking at?
México Misterio No. 1
México Misterio No. 2
Spirit of the Andes
Spirit of J’Ouvert
Circus Woman
Oh No
The Offering
Over Caffienated
Erika György 70.
Collodiana 18th December, 2023
Cities 2
Cities 3
Hand shade shadow 1
Hand shade shadow 2
Red, White, Blue and Black
Face in a Glass Bowl 1
Face in a Glass Bowl 2
Winky Goes To Confession
Charlie Said To Actor Sal, “All The World’s A Stage & I’m Just A Stagehand
Looking at art
The haunted house
Ice on the Line
Little Jimmies
We All Move One Way
Untitled #3
GRID-Fragmentation_Lenoir_R_01-18-24 - - 2127
GRID-Fragmentation-Lenoir_R_02-15-24 - - 4406
There they were
Birth of the Alpha Male
Life is but a Walking Shadow I
Ladder 2
Sparkling Water
Cloe 1
Cloe 3
Untitled (diptych)
Untitled (diptych)
The reawakening 2
Blue Bird
Queen and Crocodile
Post-Anthropocene Ectoplasm
Post-Anthropocene Radiating Walls
Mistress and Slave
The Bride
The Cave 2
The Cave 3
Beauty of the uncanny No. 2
Beach by the Lake, Minnesota
Combine, Minnesota

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Current Calls for Entries

Solo exhibition opportunity

July 27 – August 20, 2024   

PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for a solo exhibition opportunity. Please submit a coherent portfolio suitable for a solo exhibition, an artist statement, and a short bio. The portfolio should consist of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 35 images. The submission may include one or two series, provided that the two series are suitable for a joint presentation in a single exhibition. There are no generic, stylistic, or thematic constraints; photographers working in all photographic areas, genres, and styles are welcome to submit their work.

  • The winner of this competition will be awarded a solo exhibition from July 27 to August 20, 2024.

  • PH21 Gallery will cover all printing and installation costs for the solo exhibition. In addition to the brick-and-mortar solo exhibition, the winner's work will also be presented on a dedicated page of our website. The web page will include the artist statement and the photographer's bio, along with critical reviews by the curators.

  • Up to 10 other photographers will have the opportunity to present a mini-series of three photographs from their portfolio in the "Photographic Visions" group exhibition. Photographic Visions is a biannual exhibition at PH21 Gallery that showcases mini-series of works by selected artists who submitted their portfolios for our solo exhibition competition. The Photographic Visions exhibition will also be presented on a dedicated page on our website.

  • We will publish a catalogue for the solo exhibition. The exhibition catalogue will be available through Blurb Books.

Submission deadlines:

  • Early bird deadline: May 20, 2024

  • Final deadline: May 27, 2024

Read more and submit your work here.


A curated international photography exhibition

August 24 – September 17, 2024

There are two kinds of photographs with respect to the significance of their use of colours. On the one hand, ever since colour film technology became widely available, colour has become the default in most photographic practices. That is, some photographs are in colour not because their colours bear some special significance (compared, for instance, to their possible black and white counterparts) but simply because the available film or digital technology has long made colour the common method of capturing photographic images. We may think of these photographs as colour by default. On the other hand, colours are often central to the meaning of photographs for their emphatic, symbolic, psychological, social, compositional, etc. significance. These photographs would not work in black and white the same way, or they would not work at all. That they are in colour is not merely a technological given; rather, it is an integral, formative, and significant aspect of their photographic meaning. We may think of these photographs as colour by significance.


PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for a group exhibition themed Significant Colour. We are looking for submissions from all photographers who are interested in the significance of any colour in photography and would like to share their work with a wider international audience through the exposure of PH21 Gallery. The theme is broadly construed, as the significance of colours is independent of generic or stylistic constraints. Indeed, we are interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of the theme.

Submission deadlines:

  • Early bird deadline: June 17, 2024

  • Final deadline: June 24, 2024

Read more and submit your work here.


Personality: Contemporary Portraiture

A curated international photography exhibition

June 1–25, 2024      



A curated international photography exhibition

June 11–18, 2024, PH21@Barcelona      


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