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Call for Entries

Submissions are now closed for this competition.


‘A day in the life’ at PH21 Gallery

Imagine keeping a record of everything you touch in a day, from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep, and gathering all those things together for a single photograph. What would that image say about you and your day?

PH21 Gallery & Paula Zuccotti are happy to announce ‘A day in the life’, an international photographic competition. The competition is open to photographers over 18 worldwide. The challenge is to produce a photographic version of your day or the day of someone you can shadow through a 24-hour inventory of every thing touched – in a single image.


The idea for the competition is based on Paula Zuccotti’s research and photographic project Every Thing We Touch in which she documented a day in the life of 62 people around the world through the objects they touched. The series were visually stunning, reflecting a style and colour palette unique to each person, by reproducing the physical trail of a person’s life. 


To find out more about the project, visit Paula’s website:

You can also view a collection of 12 images from the Every Thing We Touch project that were recently exhibited at PH21 Gallery here:


Paula offers some suggestions and general guidelines below:


Honesty and accuracy is at the front of this experiment. A crucial part of the process is to be as detailed as possible on your ‘daily records’. However you present them it’s entirely up to you. Whether a Photoshop mash-up, a collage, a single frame composition or a photographic illustration; there are no constraints regarding aesthetics but it must be a photograph or photographic composition and should tell the story of your or someone’s day by displaying the things you or the person touched in a 24-hour period.


Also as important is to choose a representative day when you are able to take appropriate notes since essentially you will need to document everything – everyday objects like toiletries, washing up liquid and make up; meals either home made or eaten out, if so keep restaurant menus and any packaging; utensils, clothing (from underwear to shoes), accessories; work, hobby or professional tools like laptops, brushes, hammers or musical instruments and things you pick up along the way give great insight into your day: receipts, supermarket bags, coffee caps, newspaper, food packaging, etc.

What you can exclude are those objects that are fixed or cannot be easily transported i.e. doors, chairs, light switches, etc. If you travel by car, your car key is enough; if you take the bus, keep the ticket/card, these little things act as great cues to your story. If you touch the same object more than once (e,g. your mobile phone), write it down the first time only.

Enjoy the revelations this project will bring about your life, and share your story!





About the competition:

The winner and the honourable mentions will be selected by Zsolt Bátori and Paula Zuccotti. One winner and up to three honourable mentions will be selected and announced on our website and social media pages.


The prizes for the winner will include a signed Every Thing We Touch photo book and an authenticated print of Zuccotti’s work. In addition, the best entries will be showcased in a dedicated online gallery on the PH21 website, to be curated by Zsolt Bátori and Paula Zuccotti.


Paula Zuccotti is a design strategist, ethnographer, trends forecaster and founder of The Overworld, a London creative consultancy working at the intersection of people, culture and technology, advising clients on the future. Her project Every Thing We Touch was recently featured in a solo exhibition at PH21 gallery during Budapest Design Week 2016. 


Zsolt Bátori is a philosopher and photographer, living in Budapest. He has taught philosophy of art and photography theory courses at various universities in Hungary, the United States, and Argentina, and has exhibited his photographic work internationally. Zsolt is also the founder and artistic director of PH21 Gallery.



Submission rules and guidelines:


There is no entry fee.


Established and emerging photographers 18 years or older worldwide may enter the competition by submitting their own, original work.


Submission deadline: November 28, 2016.


Delivery and format: submitted images must follow the following format: 8 bit JPEG; Adobe RGB or sRGB; longest dimension maximum 1280 pixels (preferred width for landscape orientation: 1000 pixels; preferred height for portrait orientation: 775 pixels); 72 dpi; maximum 1 MB. 

Please submit one single photograph per person / subject.


File names: add you name, profession and date to the title of the image in the following format: lastname_profession_date. File names of maximum 40 characters should only contain letters of the English alphabet and underscores should be without spaces in the file name: i.e. Maria Martínez (photographer) picture on September 22nd should read: martinez_photographer_2209.jpg


All images must be submitted via email to:, indicating “A day in the life” in the subject line. In the body of the email please include the following information: 

a)    your full name;

b)    your city and country (with state abbreviation if USA);

c)    your website address (if you have one);

d)    your age; and

e)    your profession.


This call for entries is competitive; entrants are not guaranteed inclusion in the online gallery by submitting an entry. The selection of the jurors is final.

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