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Just in Time

A juried international photography exhibition

February 15 – March 10, 2018

Just in Time No. 4
Time to Remember
When time becomes still No. 3
Time stood still
Untitled (Reminders)
Future Everywhere
Waiting for the A train
Art Imitates Art
Breathing Pillow
Window, Door, Tram
Salt | Water (after Serra): Splash
Just in Time No. 3
An Evening at Rehearsal
Shadow Self
A playful moment
Opera Curtain
Bohemia by the Sea
The End
Label Green | Label Blue Category B
Capsule II
Timed to Perfection
Fashion Model
Time and Space
Inner Conflict

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Photography has a unique connection with time. Indeed, photographs are often described in terms of their relationship to time. We often hear that a photograph freezes the fleeting moment in time, others are said to convey the passing of time, and there are some that may present something timeless or eternal. Time in photography may be expressed by capturing motion or recording stillness, as well as through other photographic and symbolic means. While in some sense it is not even possible for photography to not be about time, for this exhibition we seek images in which time gains special importance. The significance of time may originate in the composition or photographic technique of the image or time itself may be the subject of the photograph, expressed in the content of the image by visual or symbolic ways. 

Juror's choice

Preston Buchtel: Unsaid

Honourable mentions

Yoshitaka Masuda: Gold

Ninette Niemeyer: Just in Time No. 4

Elena Santucci: Time to Remember


Exhibiting photographers

Susana Aparicio Lardiés (Haarlem, Netherlands), Eliza Badoiu (Constanta, Romania), Amanda Bradley (Miami, FL, USA), Preston Buchtel (Cleveland, OH, USA), Alexandra Cerutti (Miami, FL, USA), Suzette Dushi (New York, NY, USA), Marcus Escribano (Danbury, CT, USA), Ilona Fedor (Budapest, Hungary), Éva Grünwald (Üröm, Hungary), Phillip Hall-Patch (Brighton, UK), Krisztina Horváth (Budapest, Hungary), Armineh Hovanesian (Glendale, CA, USA), Robert S Johnson (New York, NY, USA), Grace June (Spokane, WA, USA, password for website: nude), Berta Katona (Cologne, Germany / Hungary), Sreejith Kaviyil (Kerala, India), Paul Kessel (New York, NY, USA), Sarah Manriquez (Fairbanks, AK, USA), Yoshitaka Masuda (Tokyo, Japan), Max Moldau (Berlin, Germany), Ninette Niemeyer (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany), Kinga Owczennikow (Nowa Ruda, Poland), Min Kim Park (Chicago, IL, USA), Ana Pinto (Shanghai, China / Figueira da Foz, Portugal), Anil Purohit (Mumbai, India), Elena Santucci (Perugia, Italy), Szilárd Schlauszky (Székesfehérvár, Hungary), Alayna Smith (Columbus, OH, USA), Stephen Spiller (Long Island City, NY, USA), Judit Erzsébet Szabó (Budapest, Hungary), Tímea Telkes (Budapest, Hungary), Kuki Walsch (Vienna, Austria), Dennis Wickes (Paradise, CA, USA)

Please click on the names to see contact information (website or e-mail) where available.

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